Saturday, September 20, 2008


I love Halloween. It's an absolutely wild and childish holiday. What other time of the year can you be anyone you want, dress completely outrageous, douse yourself and your friends in fake blood, and politely take candy from strangers? Well, you could do that any day, really - but it might result in some complications - so the majority of us save it for October 31st.

I'm one of those people who starts to ponder Halloween costumes for the coming year around November 1st. And I change my mind quite often. I always want something creative, fun, and comfortable to wear (though my comfort zone is a little bit different from most others). I figured, since I consider myself a bit of a Halloween aficionado, I'd enlist the help of everyone's favourite style-board creation site [Polyvore], and throw together some images that might help you figure out who you'll be this Hallow's Eve. [Remember, you can click any of the images and it will take you to their Polyvore page, where you can view all the details of the outfit].

Alex of A Clockwork Orange

Wear all white, some heavy duty battle boots, false eyelashes (on one eye only, of course), and be sure to drink your milk whilst blasting the old Ludwig Van. Horrorshow!


This is really all about those sunglasses. A coy attitude and an uptight middle-aged man following you around will only perfect the costume.

Marie Antoinette

Big, big hair. Dark lips. Powder pale skin. Frilly everything else. Stuff your face with cake, drink champagne, and repeat.

Joan Holloway of Mad Men

Skintight dress, flaming red hair, and a constantly burning cigarette in your hands. Don't forget to shake your hips as you instruct the administrative masses on how to use the new copier machine.

And what will I be dressing up as?

Rosemary Woodhouse of Rosemary's Baby

Ideally, I'd find a vintage black pram and fill it with candy - but I think I'll just stick with a pixie wig, baby doll nightgown, and perpetual look of terror.

So what will you be dressing up as? Hopefully this has inspired you in some way. Tell me all about your Halloween plans, and memories of Halloweens gone by.

I'll leave you with a visually delicious image of something people really ought to give out more on the old HW - caramel apples.

Courtesy of [Flickr]

Ladies dresses in realistic sizes, for every type of woman.


Kristina Marie said...

you know I did consider Lolita too, along with Anna Karina in une femme est une femme or audrey in tiffanys...but I sort of excorprate them in my everyday dress and dress up as them when I feel like it

I'm thinking of going as Angela Chase of My So Called Life. semi dye my hair red maybe and get a plaid 90s emsemble. =)

Mad Men Girl said...


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Thanks a bunch!