Monday, November 17, 2008


On my most recent trip to New York, I didn't get to enjoy my favourite food spots to the extent I would have liked, but I still savoured some goodies.

Here are some of my picks for places to eat, should you find yourself in Manhattan (and Brooklyn) anytime soon.

Vegetarian shepherd's pie with mixed green salad and tahini dressing.

Teany Cafe - 90 Rivington St.

Teany is a cozy cafe with 98 varieties of loose leaf tea to choose from and a delicious menu of fresh vegan and vegetarian entrees and desserts. My favourite is the shepherd's pie, and their soups of the day are also delicious.


Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting, and the perfect accompaniment , a cold cup of milk.

Magnolia Bakery - 401 Bleecker St. (additional locations at 1240 Avenue of the Americas, and 200 Columbus Ave.)

I would hope that everyone who has been to the state of New York would know something about Magnolia Bakery. It's that little bakery on the corner across from Marc Jacobs, the one that always has the line down the street and the sickly sweet smell of frosting wafting out the doors. Beautiful and delicious cupcakes can be found with a variety or flavours and pastel frosted tops, along with different cakes, pies, cookies, and more. Go there on a sunny day with a friend, get a cup of milk and a few cupcakes, sit on the sidewalk and enjoy. Just a note - try not to eat more than one cupcake at once. I know they're delicious, but you'll get a serious sugar overload.


Notable Mentions

Sea - 114 North 6th St. Brooklyn, NY

One of my favourites, worth a trip over the bridge for their lunchtime special. From 11:30 to 3:30, you get a free appetizer with any entree purchase. The traditional vegetable pad Thai with Crispy Basil Spring Rolls is my recommendation, but don't listen to me. Just get there, sit down, and order whatever suits your fancy. Your stomach won't regret it.

Zen Palate - 663 Ninth Ave at 46th St. (additional location at 104 John St.)

This restaurant serves vegetarian wonton soup. Do I need to repeat myself? VEGETARIAN WONTON SOUP. Zen Palate serves vegetarian versions of all your chinese food favourites, and it is so tasty. If you're veg and miss the meatier options that Asian cuisine had to offer, then head here and dine without guilt. And get the soup. Seriously.


So, what are your favourite NY eateries? What am I missing? Recommend me some delicious places, or let me know your favourite dishes from the aforementioned joints. Okay, now I'm just hungry ...


Kristina Marie said...

I really think Magnolia is kind of overrated, but I do still visit it when I go and then window shop at Marc Jacobs..only window shop. haha anyway yeah I think the cupcakes were kind of dry. I had really good ones somewhere else..I wish I could remember.

One of my very fav places is Penelope on 23rd and Lex I think. It has my favorite red velvet of the places I've been too in NYC. It also has amazing artichoke dip, mac and cheese, and this delish apple cheese random other things sandwich.

Another of my fav places is Cakeshop. Their cupcakes are ok, but I looove their pumpkin bread. It just a good place to chill and maybe buy a pop record.

Also, it's a tad overpriced for what it is, but I love Peanut Butter and Co. So many diff kinds of PB sandwiches. mmm!

elle said...

oh wow, pictures are yuuum.

Jessie said...

Red Bamboo on West 4th. is THE best vegetarian spot in the city! the food is this unique but delicious chinese/soul food style. the thing to try are their world famous soul "chicken" nuggets, they taste better than real meat.

Kristina Marie said...

Cosi also has one of the best pesto chicken melts Ive ever had, the bread can be a bit too salty though.

Anonymous said...

I second whoever said Red Bamboo. That place is amazing. i take omnivores there a lot, and they always say "Wait no ,this MUST be meat!" nope, it's not! :)

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