Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jingle bells ...

[click to enlarge]
(a gold watch with a black leather band, a sewing machine + patterns, Benefit's "Primpcess" kit, the Graduate and Pierrot le Fou on DVD, ballet slippers, new sketchbooks, Coach's "Station Bag", multiple pairs of black tights, pretty and comfortable pajamas, coloured pens.)

What are you wishing for this Holiday season? Whether they're treats you're purchasing for yourself, or what you're hoping others bestow upon you. And what are you getting for everyone on your list?


elle said...

i wish for the banning of cluster bombs!

& lambs. heaps of creme colored lambs with bows! & some ribbed black tights! they're very spiffy! :D

i enjoyed reading of your wishlist & hope you recieve them this year as a gift! & may something unexpected warm your heart & overwhelm you with joy this season. (:

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