Sunday, December 28, 2008


[Striped tee - Old Navy, headscarf - vintage, leather quilted bag and tights- Winners

[Floral shift - H&M]

[Striped dress - American Apparel, tights - Winners, jewelry - vintage, liquid eyeliner - L'Oreal]

I guess this blog is starting to turn a bit fashion-centric lately and I don't mind though. It's mostly just a blog for things that please the eyes (and other senses), whether that be fashion, art, food, music ... etc., I put it here so I can share with you and hope you all find the things of interest too! So here are three individual photos from Boxing Day and last night. The first outfit was worn Boxing Day shopping, where I purchased the second dress at H&M for a great deal. Then the striped frock was worn to a friend's birthday party, where much delicious food was eaten and wonderful music enjoyed.

So, how do you feel about the fashion posts? Want more? I like to hear people's opinions, even though this is my outlet, I want to discuss things that people will feel the need to contribute to. Speaking of, I am really overwhelmed by the amount of activity I've been receiving lately, and I am truly grateful. Thank you, to all of you who have linked this blog, followed it, commented or even just skimmed through the entries. I really appreciate it and I hope my audience continues to grow.

I hope everyone's holidays are still delicious and gorgeous. I just had some cheesecake ...

xo, Hannah


Shila Ghaisani said...

i really like your style,they're all lovely :)

Saorise said...

You know, you really do remind me of Audrey Hepburn :)

I love your style and your blog!



AFitz said...

I think you are a classy lady who wears the hell outta those close and should continue with outfit posts.

But still post pictures of food, cause those are good.

snegourotchka said...

I've never tried cheesecake!

PS, I remember we discussed eating in New York. I'm probably going there in June so what more tips do you have? (I'm doing MoMA for sure).

Fashion Therapist said...

I love all of these outfits. So cute and they all look comfy!

Dawn said...

I love your fashion posts! So, yeah. More would be good.

Also, I love seeing food pictures. Yummmy.

Kennedy said...

i really like your style and your blog and yeah the whole thing. keep it up. <3

Sean Garrette Lundy said...

hey i love your blog! and i just became a follower
can you check out my blog and comment some of my post? if you like it can you follow it?

thanks! =]


Rai said...

Love the looks, especially the last one. You're pretty, too.

Hannah said...

thanks everyone!

Benedicte - yeah, MoMA is a must, and all the restaurants I recommended previously. Also, across from Magnolia Bakery there is a bookstore I really love. And Central Park is always wonderful, especially when the sun is setting and you can go sit on the swingsets and see adorable dogs and toddlers walk by.

Sarah-Lou said...

The thrid outfit is... amazing - I love it!

My Daily Vintage said...

You look amazing in the striped dress! Perfect. I've only recently started reading your blog, but have always enjoyed your posts on newestwrinkle, so obviously i love your fashion posts!

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