Thursday, January 15, 2009


Lanvin's Rumeur, bought for a nice reduced price in a box set with the lotion. Not sure how I feel about this scent yet. It is similar to other perfumes I wear, a heavy floral with some light musk and patchouli mixed in, but apparently it's for "older" women ... and I'd prefer to smell young while I'm young. Maybe reserved for special occasions?

Cream wool beret, because I am a hat obsessive. Worn with my favourite vintage Eaton's fur salon jacket.

Ann Marino suede booties. Keeping these in storage until the snow and salt are off the ground because I don't want them to get all chalky and ruined.

I've been working hard lately so I've been treating myself in accordance. Payday comes tomorrow so ... more things will be coming into my possession. Including some new luggage for my Summer-planned trip to Europe! Along with that I've been filling out my passport application form (it is so stressful, or maybe I just get stressed easily.) A lot of these purchases are "planning ahead" purchases. Sort of reminds me of how some stores are already selling bikinis! All the more reason to look forward to sunshine - new outfits.


Q's Daydream said...

I love your blog! All of your new things look wonder, I love that hat! :o)

madeleine said...

Passport application forms are definitely stressful: I am going to Berlin in (your) summer and keep putting it off indefinitely, ughugh.

Severn said...

i love the lanvin perfume bottle.

Anonymous said...

I wear Lanvin's Rumeur 2 Rose - I love Rumeur but this off-shoot definitely smells younger and sweeter. I am completely obsessed with it.

Marin Anke said...

woo, you are coool! :]

Anonymous said...

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