Friday, July 24, 2009

Contest time, yet again!

I recently had the opportunity to partner with Chick Downtown to offer you guys a great little contest.

Any of my American readers can win the top above! It's BB Dakota's Katharine shirt and I think it is absolutely adorable. It reminded me of Zooey Deschanel's character, Summer, in the new movie (500) Days of Summer.

Want to win this shirt? Leave me a comment here, along with your e-mail address IN THE COMMENT, telling me which movie(s) are most inspiring to you, fashion-wise, and why. I want to know what movie makes you want to run to your closet and dress up immediately. The best answer wins this adorable top from Chick Downtown! Just remember, to enter, you MUST be a resident of the United States of America. Sorry international readers, I'll offer something good for you in the near future, I promise!

The winner will be chosen next Friday, July 31st!

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Misty said...

i think "view from the top" with christina applegate and gwenyth paltrow is inspiring, as silly as that sounds...
their flight attendant uniforms are so stylish and remind me of better times. :)

allison said...

marie antoinette!

Amanda said...

i think the most inspiring movie for me fashion-wise is the darjeeling limited. not because their clothes are particularly great, but because the movie itself is really beautiful and has a lot of imagery we don't see often in the USA!

idk how to do the link with my email so i'm amanda unruh and my email is!

Jessica said...

Adorable shirt!

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I'm inspired by the movie "Down with Love." It's such a delightfully cheesy movie with lust-worthy 1960s garb. I'd like to be even half as chic at Renee Zellweger's character!

Jessica said...

And I'm hopeless at following all directions, so it seems. E-mail: jessicahamm [at] gmail [dot] com.

Blair said...

The film The Secret Garden, has always given me great inspiration, even from when I was a little girl!
Not even just from the characters themselves, but from the way it was filmed and the colors they used as well. I loved the beautiful florals, dark very "royal English" colors, but with dainty details.

Par exemple:


Blair said...

Whoops! :P

blairkkelly (at) gmail (dot) com

Alyssa Franchetti said...

Ghost World and Lolita; I'm hugely inspired by fashion that is somewhat timeless and elegant, but with a quirky, kitschy, vintage feel to it, and with a little bit of punk rock mixed in!

My email is

The Surgeon at 2 a.m. said...

Hi Hannah, hope you're well.

Two words "Morvern Callar." I've been looking online for pictures but there doesn't seem to be any decent pictures online.
A few chapters into the film, Morvern dresses up for a party: beautiful black dress, leather bomber jacket, red lipstick and nails, coupled with a gold nameplate necklace she found and wore, equipped with her cigarettes, fancy lighter and tussled hair, she enters the night with her best friend.

On vacation she wears a solid, parrot colored jumper and, later, a wife beater, well worn jeans and aviators. Her trademark red nailpolish is still visible.

Seeing Samantha Morton as Morvern drives me to my close and to my nailpolish collection everytime.

Examples, however, her best outfit isn't posted.

Anyways, I highly suggest seeing this movie because it is ace as hell.


chelsea said...

Maybe this is cliche but Chuck from "Pushing Daisies" always gets me. It's not a movie obviously but I can't think of a movie more inspiring than that show.
She puts together simple things in bright colors that is so easily attainable. A floral dress plus a matching lipstick and heels and you're set.
It's all about colors and patterns and matching the colors, she always looks polished and beautiful even if I don't necessarily like everything she wears she makes it work. And she makes it work in this day and age! Which isn't as easy as it was in 1964 when it was the norm to wear dresses every day.

JESSICA said...

Starwars, The royal tenenbaums, and Yellow submarine.

Who doesnt love looking like a psychadellic neurotic jedi knight
in a galazy far, far, away...

Ali G. said...
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Ali G. said...

I want some free clothes...
Bande a Part, Made in the U.S.A., Breathless, Trainspotting, Benny and Joon, Lolita, Top Hat, The Dreamers, Meanstreets and My Own Private Idaho. These films contain wardrobes of worn-in, effortless clothing, therefore inspiring me to shop for dependable piece that hint at my personality, instead of showing it. I love my clothes and I often end up wearing them until they are beyond repair, as many of the characters in these films have done.

dearilou said...

The Devil Wears Prada. Especially the outfit montage with that lovely green coat and those boots and the orange knit hat. I usually rewind and rewatch that part a couple times before continuing through the movie.

ioulia said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes! I want to win that shirt!!
Fashionable movies definitely include Bringing up Baby, His Girl Friday, Funny Face, Amelie and Almost Famous.
They not only make me want to dress fabulously but reiterate the importance of the individual within the clothes.
Oh and uh, probably every single cartoon movie with the name "Disney" makes me want to dress up as a princess. lol any princess - you name it and it will happen.

allison said...

I already said this but forgot my email- - -Marie Antoinette!!

Ling said...

Ah, this is easy for me.

In the first scene of "The Dreamers," Eva Green is wearing this deep teal colored velvet dress. And she has on an orange beret and a pink cig. It is a breathtaking combination. It evokes Paris in the 1960's. It is regal and dramatic. It embodies the celebration of the cimena that Bertolucci was trying to convey. This is THE thing that I always strive for.

And of course I love Uma Thurman in Pulp fiction because her look is easy, but her personality shines through. I have invested in five good men's dress shirts, and they never fail me. Because when you're hanging out in a diner, your clothes don't really need to be loud.

Lindsey Pence

Ling said...

I have one more to add, "Lost Boys." Two words: Corey Feldman... Flannel, Ray Bans, Echo and the Bunnyman Tee, Denim Vest, Red Bandana. "Sleep all day, pary all night, never grow old, never die. It's fun to be a vampire." It's just fun.

hannah said...

a bout de souffle-- breathless! jean seberg has the best haircut in the world, the cutest stripe dresses and tops, and even michel dresses quite dashingly as the manly criminal.

Layla said...

breakfast at tiffany's. I know it's cliche, but i love the way Audrey Hepburn could carry herself in the most elegant way, even in really basic outfits. (and she was obviously amazing in the fancy stuff too)

Bethany Kellen said...

500 days of summer after i just saw it and zooey's character made me want to change my wardrobe immediately, and made me want it to be fall because i love coats and tights and sweaters. and i want to go buy tons of cute blue bows/ribbons.

also margot tennenbaum always.

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