Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"You're late!"

[#4, photo credit, the rest taken by me]
(Forever 21 dress, Joe Fresh tights, vintage bag and scarf, DiorKiss lipgloss)

Sure, sure. Though, in my opinion, you're never too late to update! So here I am, with details of the past month to share with you all. Above, is a photo of me at Worn Journal's SOL[e]D! party at the Bata Shoe Museum. It was a truly wonderful event and I'm not just saying that because my friend Anna interns for the magazine. It really was! The event featured over 20 pairs of classic Keds that were made fantastically unique by designers from Montreal and Toronto, and then auctioned off for charity. I suggest you check out the photos, as I cannot do it justice with my words alone. Fashionable people milled about and the greatest (no really) dj's (Shake a Tail!) played the best of the 60's all night. I danced like a mad woman, believe me.
Jyotika from Exshoes Me was also very sweet to do a little write-up on my outfit for the night. I have to say it was one of my more favourite ensembles I've worn recently.

Now, I'm sure while reading all of that you had in the back of your head, "well whose groin is that up there though, Hannah?" Well, Patrick Wolf's, of course! I headed down to the Mod Club on June 17th to see him, along with the Plasticines, Jaguar Love and the Living Things do their musical thing for Nylon Magazine's Summer Music Tour. I've had a love for Patrick for years, he was my prom date two years back in fact (long story), so it was a delight to have him back in Toronto again. Of course, he blew everyone away, and did a bit of a striptease during it all. Such a multi-tasker! He also became one-with-the-crowd for his encore, which is how I managed to snap my very up-close photos. Though I'll say I'm not as lucky as my sister, who Mr. Wolf shared a mic with for awhile during "Battle". Wonderful. He's such a showman, ridiculosuly talented, and adores his fans to boot. Love love loveeeee.

Well, now it's July (already?!) and other adventures are coming my way. I hope everyone's Summer is off to a great start. To make it even sweeter, how about a chance to win some free make-up? I'm giving away a free tube of Maybelline's Pulse Perfection mascara and it's super-simple for YOU to win just by going here: CONTEST! You know you want to!

Happy Canada Day!



hannah + landon said...

how beauteous you look! fancy that i'm listening to this fellow at this very moment for the first time in forever! sooo goood, sometimes i forget.

Charlotte Drene said...

You are ridiculously good looking, Hannah.

Shannon Adsero said...

You look amazing in that outfit, it is ridiculously flattering. And I am extraordinarily jealous of your perfect skin!

Little Bo Peeep said...

<3 PATRICKK WOLFFFFFFFFF :) Gosh yeh I love him!

Btw, you look really niceeeeeeeee!

ryan manning said...


dearilou said...

Oo! I adore that dress!

Zay said...

I love that dress you're wearing, I wish I could pull that off!


i love the way you do your makeup! i'd love to see a tutorial post sometime :]

Couture Carrie said...

Cool pics and blog!


Aliliisa said...

i so hate you now!!!!!!! i looove patrick and unfortunately I haven't seen him live :( and what, YOUR PROM DATE!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?

btw, you look gorgeous in that dress!

Anonymous said...


Lauren said...

i looooove patrick! i saw him about a month ago and he was fabulous. also, your outfit is gorgeous. you look so much like audrey hepburn here.

Lauren said...

wait, patrick wolf was your prom date? you must share the story - that is incredibly awesome.

Anonymous said...

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