Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lipstick Queen

Top to bottom:
Benefit Benetint with Burt's Bee's Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb
Revlon's Matte Collection in Nude Attitude
Dior's Rouge Dior in Pink Preview
YSL Lip Twins Duo in Fuchsia/Orange, wearing the Fuchsia shade***
Joe Fresh's Matte Lipstick in Berry

Now, I'm a bit of a beauty junkie. If there's one thing I have a problem with indulging in, it's cosmetics (and food too, but we're not talking about that). I think one of the most fun ways to change up your look, especially for a night on the town, is to go with a bold lip colour. I tried to photograph my favourite shades. They didn't show up QUITE as vibrant as they do in person, but I guess that's the problem with bathroom lighting, oh well!

The first combination is what I wear nearly every day, along with some faithful Rosebud Salve. Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is awesome too for a day-to-day shade. It's a sheer blackberry colour that looks good on anyone and you can layer it if you want it darker.

When I'm feeling a bit mod, I go for Revlon's Nude Attitude. This is THE MOST PERFECT NUDE LIPSTICK. No really. It's matte, which I love because I hate shimmer/glitter/sparkle on lips. It's the perfect mix of peach, pink, and beige, and I think it is really flattering and very 60's. It looks a bit yucksville in the photo because my lips are a bit dry, but when properly applied to well moisturized lips it is all kinds of Bond girl awesome.

The third lipstick from Dior was a favourite of mine this Spring and Summer. It is the ultimate bubble gum/Barbie pink. It doesn't show well in the photo but it is very cotton candy, dreamy, sickly sweet pink and it looks great with a bare face and mascara coated long lashes. I can see myself still bringing this out in the Fall, but it is a great shade to wear with florals and other girly patterns. It'll turn your lips into an accessory.

*** The third shade is from YSL's now defunct Lip Twins collection. I linked to a page where you can still pick up a tube of the stuff, and I'm sure eBay carries it too. If you're looking for something more convenient, YSL's Rouge Volupté in Rose Culte is basically identical to the Fuchsia shade I'm wearing. Fuchsia is a very fun fun FUN colour to wear at night, and I'll even put it on during the day too. And the models on the Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S '10 runways were wearing a similar shade by Shiseido, so I don't think fuchsia is going out of style anytime soon!

Lastly I've got Joe Fresh's Matte Lipstick in Berry on. This is my go-to shade for Fall. A dark, almost purple matte shade that can be picked up in Superstores across Canada. If you're South of the border, Sephora has a feature on various berry shades. Urban Decay's "Confession" is looking particularly beguiling ...

Obligatory Photobooth shot!

What are your favourite lipstick shades? And are there any make-up trends you're looking forward to this Fall?

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Laurel said...

I know this is a post about lipstick but I just wanted to say how gorgeous your hair looks!

It has motivated me to go and get my bangs cut (though they never look as great as yours!).

I adore bright lipstick (ie. the ever favorited Russian Red from Mac) but always end up feeling a little shy and wiping most of it off and just covering my lips with a glossy lip balm!

I am really liking the berry shade you have on though ... hmmmm.

xx L

(Love your blog!)

allison said...

you should try the new Maybelline Color Sensational line!!
it's so good! moisturizing and AMAZING pigmentation!


Indie.Tea said...

The first, third, and fourth are most charming...and the last one of you...what a vivid color. It makes you look instantly "finished", polished, glamorous...

Megan said...

My lipcolor of choice currently is Benefit Poisetint with Benetint Lip Balm on top. It makes for a really nice berry-colored stain that feels light, makes my lips feel great, and lasts all day!

If I'm going on the town and I want to feel absolutely sexy, I'll line and fill my lips with MAC liner in Brick and top it with MAC lipstick in "Red, She Said."

catherine_sr. said...

I love Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, too. It's a great color. I've also been wearing more natural/nude pinks lately. I'm very pale and I find those colors make me look a little more alive. I am definitely looking forward to trying some of the fuschia-ish matte berries that are coming out for fall, though.
The Renegade Bean

apocalypstick said...

I love you HK and I don't care who knows it!

scasha said...

Divine, I've been subtly attempting to work bolds into my lips life recently, to no avail. It is noticeable to everyone and I've received quite a lot of stick for choosing to rouge up! I'm sticking at it, I suppose a little village in rural England is always going to be the last to join the real world. Sigh..

Although I absolutely SWEAR by Benetint lip tint, you know it was originally manufactured to make strippers nipples redder? I found I loved the product even more so after hearing about that one!

I adore the deep reds you use, very inspiring as I pretty much have the same colouring and haircut, screw England, I'm staining my lips! Oh and for Mac lipstick devotees, is it just me or so they smell completely of vanilla? I just want to shove them in my mouth.

hannah + landon said...

adorable little lips, i want to kiss them!

Anonymous said...

I love the shade you've got on! It reminds me of Fall issues of Teen and YM when I was growing up (in a good way!) I feel like they always had shades of berry for the Fall. Anywho. Your photo makes me want to go snag some of my own!

Anonymous said...

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