Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Au revoir!

Hey guys, I leave for New York tonight and will be there for a week. I'll be busy so updates will be sparse or limited to zero! I will be constantly tweeting though, so follow my Twitter if you're interested in my NYC adventures.

If you were wondering, I'm headed to New York for Teen Vogue's Fashion University. This is my third year attending. It's always a blast, great to meet other young people who love fashion as much as I do, along with designers and business insiders who have first-hand knowledge of being in the fashion world. I will take lots of pictures and bring back in-depth coverage!

P.S. I started up my Project 365 and the first few photos are up on my flickr already.



M. said...

I'm going to Teen Vogue's Fashion University too, what seminars are you taking? I'd love to meet you!

Aliliisa said...

Wow, good luck :)

Claire said...

Oh wow, that sounds great! Have fun :)

Smileyfreak said...

Enjoy New York!

Olga said...

Hi there! I really like how 'vintagey' you and your blog are..Enjoy your time in Big Apple...!

Laura Crocodile said...

NY? Lucky you!

Jadey said...

watch an education if you have time! you'll love it, carey mulligan reminds me of you! xxx

Faridah said...
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