Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm still alive, I repeat: I'm still alive

Hello everyone. I'm sure you've all noticed that updates have been scarce here. Well, as I type this from my slightly working dinosaur computer, I'm here to inform you that the computer I usually use (and the one with all my photo files and software and blah, blah, etc.) is on the fritz and it'll be awhile more before I can update from it again. I promise that when everything is back up and running, I'll be totally devoted to keeping the blog current and exciting. For now, I'm here to offer up some things that I'm digging right now, and hopefully you will too.

Batiste dry shampoo. A lifesaver, really. And it comes in a bunch of great scents and it's CHEAP.

Dear Creatures, and their 'Coming Soon' online shop. Bookmark it!

and the Hollies. 'Cause I get their songs stuck in my head a lot.


Lauren said...

dear creatures looks amazing! xx

sherri said...

dry shampoo could be my winter staple. and that store looks awesome. the redhead's outfit (top row) is too awwesome for words.

Anniina said...

Oh, I love the Hollies! And all the other 60s bands. :) You have a nice blog!

Raji said...

Officially excited about dear creatures online shopp :)
Thank GOD for dry shampoo

mintjewels said...

where do i find batiste? i'm also in ontario and i'm growing my hair out, so am in need of dry shampoo. great blog!

bee said...

I am so smitten with your blog. I had to look twice at some of the photos of you down the page. Thought it was Zooey and wondered why I hadn't run across them before in my extensive zooey google image search sessions! Haha! So pretty!

Dylana said...

Lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

wow i love your blog!! So awesome :)

Anonymous said...

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