Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hautelook, I love you!

Oh man. Hautelook is having a Taschen sale. My heart is skipping beats. I just bought a ton of beautiful books for outrageously cheap prices. While I would have LOVED to have bought the entire Domus collection, $305 is out of my budget (but still what a deal! Someday, someday ...)

Books are as cheap as $6.50!!! Yes, I need to use that many exclamation points!

If you're as much as a coffee table book hound I suggest you head to Hautelook IMMEDIATELY and pick up the sumptuous deals before they're gone. I can't wait for them to arrive in my mailbox!

In case you're wondering, I bought:


W. Allen

Sixties Design


Fashion of the 20th Century Wall Calendar, Personal Planner and Tearaway Day Calendar (they were all so cheap, and when the year's done I can use the pictures for collages!)

Oh boy, I'm such a giddy book nerd but there's nothing better than a deal!

I hope you all snap something up!

xo Hannah

P.S. this is my 101st post ... the dalmatian spots on the calendars seem fitting for such a number!


art-isima said...

I love Taschen books!!!

Lillian said...

I am such a fiend for books, as a kid all my allowances went towards books and I spend more at the book store than at the grocery store but is there really anything better than buying a book?
I don't think so.

ana said...

all of those must be so amazing!
I saw those exact same personal planners in a book store in Spain and fell in love with them, unfortunately I didn't have enough money to buy one.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh im obsessed with woody allen haha :) these are great!
im a having a photo contest you might be interested in :) all you have to do is submit a pic and story of your favorite adventure and you can win a fisheye camera, shirt, ring, and book! check it out at http://tinyurl.com/ydl7zbz

i was born for escapism. said...

It's always dangerous to know about sales of glorious books! My bookshelf isn't quite big enough!!!


Anonymous said...

amazing amazing amazing!


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