Thursday, January 20, 2011

While I wait for my invitation to the Oscars ...

And so, awards season is upon us. As a movie lover, it's an exciting time to celebrate the best films of the last year and to boo and hiss when films I dislike are awarded with various accolades, all to my dismay. It's also a time to be glued to the TV, scrutinizing the fashion choices of the starlets who have been so lucky as to have a chance to walk the red carpet.

I'm sure we've all been there, muttering, "what was she thinking?!" or "I never would have worn that!" and it gets you thinking, what would you wear were you given the chance to go to the Globes, the BAFTAs, the SAG awards or the Oscars ...

As someone who'd like to have a career in the film industry someday, this consumes me like you wouldn't believe. In a fun, totally non-obsessive way, I swear.

Over the years I've honed my tastes and I think I know what I'd go for. So this is what this post is all about. A visual daydream predicting my eventual waltz down the red carpet. Bear with me, after all it is nearly 5 am ...


In terms of dresses, I've never been a fan of the ballgown, princess-esque silhouette. I like sleek lines and an old Hollywood feel. Details are important. Sequins, beading, and/or a mix of textures are all A+ in my book. I've actually been in love with the far-right Viktor & Rolf dress for quite a few years now, and why it may not be the most Oscar-esque dress out there (I'm sure Joan Rivers would scream at it), I feel like it is completely my style and so dreamy and glamorous, how could you resist it? All that slinky beading that probably whooshes around with every step you take. Though I'd probably wear a bra with it ...
And how dreamy is the first Armani gown? I love a silver screen era plunging neckline.

And while none of these images show it, the number one thing I'd look for in an awards show dress would be a completely bare back. I think the back is the most beautiful part of the human body and I'd wanna show it off. And I'm telling you this because you care.

Oooh, bright colours. That first Rodarte dress looks like the mad love-child of an Emperor penguin and a toucan thrown into hyper-speed. Do want. And the two Carolina Herrera gowns are very classic but with this artsy New York broad at an art charity thing during the late 50s. Right? Right. That second one, the satiny bursts of primary colours from the back, I cannot stop swooning. Get on me, dress.

Everyone knows hair and make-up are equally as important as the clothes, and I've already got this down. Side part, big waves, and bold lips. Bam, you're done.

Oh those Viktor & Rolf heels. Obsessed for ages. Can you imagine? Charlotte Olympia is also always a dream. I feel like the majority of shoes worn at awards shows are these strappy little sandal type deals that do not appeal to me at all. Weird.
I like those Dior earrings for the little thorns depicted on them along with the rose. How symbolic of Hollywood. I like the Judith Leiber clutches just 'cause they're shiny ...

Well, that's all folks. I hope you enjoyed this brief look into my day-dreaming mind.

Now, if you were invited to one of these shindigs, what would you wear? Let me know in the comments!

(Most images from or Into the Gloss.)


arnique said...

I LOVED your description of the Rodarte dress. :)) Birds in hyperspace, hilarious!

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Courtney said...

Read your second sentence as "As a movie loser" and it made me laugh. Anyway, I really love the 2nd to the left and 2nd to the right in your shades of pale category. Great choices!

Mari said...

i am drooling about the Armani and the Givenchi!

Also, I just posted the Seventh outfit for the I6L styling challenge.

What do you think of the challenge so far?


-La Copine


persephone said...

my favorite activity! I sit there and mentall tweak and alter people's outfits and makeup till I'm satisfied haha :(
Did you see Natalie Portman's dress? Sucks when bad clothes happen to pretty people

Anonymous said...

just discovered this blog! its great!!!!

Chloe said...

That nude Elie Saab is JAWDROPPING! gorgeous.

chloe **

Sofi Stellar said...

The dresses are amazing. I love the time of year for awards, it's always so fun, isn't it?

"Emperor penguin and toucan thrown into hyper speed" LOL. It kind of does! But gorgeous, nonetheless!

JoeyAna said...

the Charlotte Olympia heels are killer!


Alexandra said...

hmm, I'd wear the Elie Saab dress and make my lips stand out as much as possible! Lovely!

alexandra @

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