Friday, May 27, 2011

Recent Favourites

A few photos from Flickr I'm loving right now. Whether it's for the design, the fonts (in cases of ads), or just the content itself, these images have caught my eye and I thought you'd like 'em too.

I've always been in love with vintage make-up packaging and advertisements. I'd love a little paintbox like that today! It reminds me of a lip palette my mom had in the early 90s that I used to play with growing up. Maybe a child playing with make-up is a bad idea but the obsession has proved fruitful, I think.

Now isn't this an interesting photo. Look at those charms! Imagine how heavy (and noisy) that bracelet must have been. The colours in here are interesting too. Pale baby pink, turquoise, orange red. All great for Spring. I don't think I'd ever wear my nails that long though, or paint a face in the palm of my hand. Creepy, sort of.

Such cute little blouses! And I am loving the floral illustrations, reminding me of Liberty print fabric that I want to go out and buy yards of to sew with.

Oh my gosh, these geometric blouses are killing me. And the models too. Doesn't the girl on the left look a bit like Freja? And the one on the right is reminding me so much of Anna Karina in Une Femme est Une Femme, if only her purple shadow were blue!

While the white tights for bottoms aren't particularly blowing my mind, I love these blouses. If I had them I'd wear them tucked in a bright flared mini or with some slim cigarette pants. Ah, gimme.

More vintage make-up, with a flapper spin. I love those little pots of gloss and the scroll designs along the bottom. The extra care that went into packaging back then, even little plastic containers ...

It's all reminding me of these cute lipsticks from Anna Sui that I've been lusting after for awhile. Cute packaging always wins!

Finally, a very punchy, very lovely vintage illustration. I love the stark contrast of the curly swirly bed frame with the background. From one of my favourite Flickr accounts.

What Flickrs are inspiring you right now? What, in general, is making you swoon?


STEFANIE said...

these are all so fun! great finds :)

Margaux said...


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so amazing. x hivenn

Kamilla said...

love these pictures!
very inspiring (;

Tea For Two said...

Absolutely love the retro Max Factor advert.

And why is this the first time I'm daring to question why the shit I don't own any Anna Sui lipstick? :0

Anonymous said...

These are great and I love that Anna Sui packaging, so cute.