Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vote For Me!

Well, for the third year in a row I am attempting to win a walk-on role on Mad Men. My photo can be found here, and in a few quick steps you can vote for me and move me on towards my dreams of being on the set of the best show on television right now. It would mean the world to me. I'm not just a "sort of" fan. I love this show, I love the 1960s, and I have such a passion for acting and period work that having the chance to even breathe the same air as the people who create this would be life-changing. I MEAN IT. So please, please vote for me.

Thank you all!


Katie said...

Oh yes. I hope you win this time! That would be amazing. Heading on over to vote for you!

sara tee said...

Good luck C: that would be seriously cool,


Aliquot and Amble said...

Just voted for you. :) I really hope you win this year!