Sunday, March 11, 2012


Today was so beautiful. It felt almost like Summer. ALMOST. I went barelegged for the first time this year and tried to go with a nautical theme when it came to my outfit. Went for a stroll and got an iced chai and sat in the sun. Is there anything better than feeling sun on your skin? Pure vitamin D. It ain't junk science, guys.

H&M dress, vintage necklace, lots of bracelets, pale legs that could use a touch of fake tanner, maybe. The drawstring waist on this dress doesn't cut the most flattering figure but, eh, it's comfortable. I think it's too big, there's a lot of excess fabric. I suppose I need to start trying things on before I buy but there's always the longest lines at the H&M fitting rooms, and shopping makes me so impatient.

My hair is driving me nuts lately. I want to grow out my layers but then they get a ton of split ends and I trim them and I'm back at square one. Hair is literally the worst, it's my least favourite beauty topic to write about, and my least favourite thing to spend money or energy on. I'd love to be a millionaire and just have someone else take care of it for me, because mine drives me nuts.

Today's bracelets, L-R: Banana Republic, no idea, H&M, H&M, vintage, gift shop in Nova Scotia, Etsy. (For a mini-shopping guide re: gold jewelry for Spring, check out my xo article here)

Beauty products from today. I love Marc Jacobs original scent so much. I'm sure I already wrote about it but it really is the perfect Spring scent. Gardenias smell so lovely. Kielh's lip balm, classic, like the added benefit of SPF. A bit of that Stila lip stain, that doesn't actually last very long but the colour is pretty when you first put it on. YSL Touch Eclat, because we lost an hour of sleep last night and this makes it look like I didn't.

And yesterday this came into my life at a reasonable price (Sonic Boom on Bathurst St., word). Oh, Alex Chilton. I miss you.

How's the weather where you are? It's supposed to be beautiful here all week and I only have 3 days of classes so I'll be out enjoying it. Goodbye, the sludge and misery of Wintertime in the city!



Tawni said...

The weather is oddly warm. It is a little weird and makes me worry about the water levels in lakes around here!

But, I do enjoy the sun.

Maren said...

So cute! I love the bracelets! I agree with you about summer! I live in Canada too, and I wore a short skirt!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Gotta love a good nautical inspired outfit.
I totally love that little skull guy. So delicate yet bad-ass.

Karen said...

I actually like the slouchy fit of that dress on you. Might just be me being weird though... hehe.

The weather's just edging towards spring here in Belgium. Yesterday was a glorious day: blue skies, lots of sun. It looks as if today will be more of the same. Woop!

MollyMWE said...

I just scored a bottle of Marc Jacobs on eBay. It is such a great Spring scent. I also have Blush by Marc Jacobs, which smells like Honeysuckle. Highs in the 70s in central New Jersey this week. I'm very excited to turn off the heat and open up the windows.

LRB said...

Love that striped dress, perfect for spring/summer.

Missy said...

It was in the 70's last week in Boston. Sadly it's freezing again.

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