Sunday, November 30, 2008

Old Navy? Really?

I went shopping yesterday and got this entire outfit (well, the dress, the shoes, and the clutch) at Old Navy for under $60. Lately I've been scoring some really wonderful pieces there, that are not too pricey and still good quality. So I guess this is my seal of approval for Old Navy. Oh, and their "Clean Musk" candle smells really nice.


elle said...

you look adorable! i really like that clutch. (:

snegourotchka said...

Très chic. I'd love to see some details of the outfit.

Virginia Janet said...
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The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Nice shot.
I, too, find myself a closet Old-Navy-phile lately.

Kate said...

I have those shoes and I was thinking about that dress. Would you belt it? I'm afraid I'm too bottom heavy to make it work.

Hannah said...

Hey Kate, I tried belting it but it's quite voluminous/a-line, so the fabric bunches above the belt. I have larger hips and thighs and I think it's very flattering worn as is. I saw some of the display mannequins with cropped jackets, which looks very cute.

Aliliisa said...

you are so beautiful and i totally adore your hair! :)

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