Monday, December 15, 2008

Being Festive

In addition to the usual big ol' Christmas tree in the living room, I wanted my own miniature tree to match my bedroom. Ta-da, my 2-feet tall (roughly, I'm Canadian so I go by the metric system ...) silver foil tree. I decorated it the other day and it has been ever so pleasantly Bold"lighting" up my life. Ha.

All the photos of my special little tree can be seen here. Check them out. I especially love the little silver and gold birds I picked up at the dollar store (!).

In other news, I finally received my shipment from American Apparel. In a final confusing twist, it was delivered to the wrong house down the street, but thankfully my neighbors brought me my package and my new dresses are safely hanging in my closet. Thank goodness that business is over and done with. Case closed.

And in other, other news, Riesen chocolate covered caramels may be the death of me. Or at least my teeth.


pomegranate season said...

Your tree is adorable. I'm Jewish, but I always love the holiday season because the decorations are so pretty.

snegourotchka said...

I love the empty-spool decorations, very clever!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Brigitte (boheme2junk at Flickr). Beautiful decorations! The tree matches the rest of the room, and that's always nice :)

jessie said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE riesen chocolates! my friends at college had never heard of them so now they can blame me for the death of their teeth.

and your tree is perfect, perfect, perfect. i'm really jealous. i got home from college a few days before my mom got home from new york, so i am trying to decorate the house before she gets home tomorrow, but it's very difficult.

My Daily Vintage said...

yay! you have my dream tree. when i finally have my own place, i'm always going to have a silver foil tree .... no green for me ! your decorations are so cute.

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