Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blah, American Apparel!

On November 20th I made my first ever purchase of American Apparel merchandise. I spent quite a bit of money and was eager to receive my items because I've been looking to introduce some new basics into my wardrobe. Well, I still haven't received my order. It's December 11th. That's almost a month later! I've even contacted customer service and haven't received a response (even though it says it will take 2 business days for them to get back to me, it's been about a week). Have any of you had this problem before? Or just with other companies, in general? I've had trouble with online shopping before, but all the companies were amazing with their customer service. (Notable mention to Henry and June, which I purchased stockings from. Great customer service!)

So basically, I just want to hear about your bad (and good) experiences with online shopping. I'm really miffed about this and am starting to feel like the Paperbag Princess, with nothing to wear! I just want my darn dresses, AA. Please, get them to me soon!


xox said...

i've done several orders with american apparel but never had any problems. did they confirm that they shipped it? postage might be slow because of christmas.

their online customer service is awful, definitely call them and speak to somebody about it.

jaleh said...

hey bb, found your blog from off_wiwt <3

i live for online shopping because i hate actually having to go out and shop. i like to just browse and buy and then try things on in the comfort of my room.

however. aa is shit when it comes to online shopping, honestly. i bought three dresses once in one order and one of them came in like two weeks. the next one came in like two months. the third one i canceled after literally three months. and their customer service is terrible but if you keep pestering them maybe they will actually help. good luck! PS i am linking your blog because i like you

alyssa said...

i can't believe you haven't shopped at aa before! that's quite a feat. i always seem to be reeled into the soft tees and numerous leggings and dresses. i hate their online store though, i ordered stuff there a year ago and still haven't received one shirt. whaaaaaat

Rizzo said...

I print on AA and really like the quality of their tees

snegourotchka said...

Being overseas my experiences with online shopping are limited to homebound stores and the likes of and amazon who are based in Europe. However, I've tried f21, and found them excellent. My parcel arrived within a month!

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