Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was recently interviewed by the wonderful shop 1918 Vintage for their blog. You can read the article here. It's so flattering to be featured, and if you want to hear even more of my silly blabbering about clothes and art, then check it out.

Also, this is a bit old but there's an interview I did with prim. magazine for their first issue last Spring. Click to page 52!

Thanks again!



Oni said...

im totally obsessed with balloons right now

Sarah Von Bargen said...

My goodness, that's fantastic! A huge congratulations!

meredith graves said...

Hannah! That's so rad. I took the initiative and emailed 1918, because they added my band on Myspace a while back, and now they want to profile me, too!

I put a little writeup on my blog and wrote about you as well :) Hope you don't mind. I might start doing some interviews with other young female bloggers soon, maybe one a week, and I'D like to interview you, also!


Anonymous said...

hannah: true story
i was browsing through my friend pia arrobios blog when i saw that you commented. i clicked on the link to go to your page and was scrolling through stuff when i was like wow, she looks so familiar. then i realized that you were from lookbook, and i am a fan of you on there! totally small world. i am adding you to my blogroll.


Hannah said...

Hey Lauren,
it is a small world indeed! That is cool, and thank you. :] Pia is an awesome girl.

Anonymous said...

if you are ever in new york. you can come see the both of us!! it'll be a grand time

Anonymous said...

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