Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Face

[ Striped tee shirt and cotton skirt, H&M ]

Today I had a nice day off to myself. I wore some heels for the first time in awhile and headed out shopping. I picked up a few goods at the Dior cosmetics counter, some trousers at H&M (I'll show those sometime later ...), and more lipstick from Joe Fresh.

I know everyone and their mother loves to take photos of pretty "stuff", but that's probably because it's fun. When you collect as many things as I do it's nice to get them out, remember where they came from, who gave them to you, and maybe find something you completely forgot you had. The above Chanel book was a surprise gift from one of my best friends. It's so sweet when people drop by and say, "hey, I saw this and thought of you," for no occasion at all! And being that I'm a coffee table book addict, it meant all the more.
There are also some of the scores I got at Dior today, some Essie polish in Bordeaux, a very tiny selection of my baubles, great YSL lipstick mentioned in the last post, and some Salvador Dali 'It Is Love' and Marc Jacobs Basil perfume. Quite a group of things, I'd say.

Also picked up this bracelet at H&M today. I love the little enamel daisies, I have earrings that match.

So speaking of taking photos and all of that, I've decided to take another shot at doing the Project 365. I tried earlier this year but didn't stick with it and was just generally uninspired. However, my 20th birthday is on the 30th of this month and I'm feeling the need to chronicle this year coming up. So I'm starting a new paper journal, and I'll be doing the Project 365. Hopefully I can actually stick to it, and if I do, I'll have at least 365 photos showing the days of my life between age 20-21. Pretty neat. Send me your motivational good vibes!

I'm off to watch the Twilight Zone! I hope everyone's having a great weekend.

- Hannah


Claire said...

Super cute bracelet.

Solanah said...

love that last photo the best:)

Raj said...

Such a lovely look!
I adore all your "pretty things" :)
And best of luck with project 365, thats awesomee :)

Jessica said...

You look like a gorgeous French woman in the first pictures. Good luck with Project 365!

Anonymous said...

ure soo so pretty!
I think project 365 is a pretty cool idea ! :D

Sarah Louise said...

Photos are adorable, and I love your little baubles! Are those golden birds brooches? I also love random "I was thinking of you" gifts, I would do it all the time if I had the money to throw around.

Sarah Louise

Megan said...

Hannah, you and I have a very similar line of thinking! Every time I think of doing Project 365, something comes up and I get totally sucked into it and forget Project 365. My 21st Birthday is on November 20th, and I just said to myself that I should start Project 365 then! I think I'll start a new blog for my Project 365-- we'll have to follow each other and keep each other accountable for our 365 days of photos.

Cristina said...

I love your blog.

Unknown said...

I would love to see what you come up with if you stick to a 365 project! xoxo

Cait said...

Perfect outfit, as always!

escapade said...

Aww - you are pretty!

Lauren said...

that sounds like such a rad idea! good luck lady.

saray said...

love the outfit.. are you going to wear heels to teen vogue fashion u?
and that was so sweet of your friend to buy you the book! one of the cutest things..

filth + twee said...

You're absolutely adorable, your outfits are wonderful, and everything you own is adorable<33333

Emma Lavelle said...

just discovered your blog! its lovely, beautiful photographs and i love your simple, parisian-like style xx

Katty Huertas said...

You are so preety, remind me of Zooey Deschanel

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