Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Photo from My Vintage Vogue.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone's had a wonderful December 25th. My day has been really great so far, and I am so happy for the time away from work to relax and spend with my family. My sister and I woke up bright and early like little kids to open our gifts. I got a lot of really fantastic things (I'll make a separate post for those, don't worry!) and got a chance to give the perfect gifts to my family too. It's always really nice when you know you've hit the nail on the head, so to speak, and they really, genuinely love what you got for them.

Here are a couple photos of the day so far ...

My little glittery swan. I bought a lot of sparkly, white, feathery, la-dee-da ornaments this year. I love this little guy. He's so graceful, and I'm a big fan of swans.

Our tree! It looks like a wedding cake, doesn't it? I call it "the cake tree" and my mom gets so offended but I think it's a compliment!

Ah, my main gift. A Crosley 'Keepsake' turntable. It has a USB port so you can convert all your vinyl to mp3s. Thus, I can bring my clunky, dusty records into the 21st century (and the end of the aughts! The beginning of the second decade of this new millennium, ah!), and put them on my iPod for portable convenience. Paul and Art approve, I'm sure.

My place setting - fancy, eh? I bought those little crackers for everyone. They were fun, but so tiny! Mine had a joke inside (in French, that really did not translate well), and a little butterfly clip for your hair, ha. Everyone else got keychains. The bottles are the special-edition Evians designed by Christian Lacroix, they look so pretty on the table. Definitely something you can keep as a memento afterwards, my sister said she'll be using hers as a vase. We also had a really amazing bottle of cranberry-apple Chardonnay gifted to us, so delicious.

Another table shot.

Being a big dork, here's my Christmas outfit. Vintage dress from Small Earth Vintage on Etsy, with Ellen Tracy tights, Alfred Sung Pure ruffled cardigan and my Christmas cracker crown. I love the cardigan, I got it as a gift today and it's got the nicest details. The ruffled pleats down the front are in this stiff grosgrain ribbon and the buttons are kind of pearly. I wanted more sweaters (you can never have enough), and I love when they have fun little details like that.

And again, being a dork. I guess I was keeping an ear out for the Christmas songs I could hear on the radio ... like BTO's "Takin' Care of Christmas" ... so awful.

So, how was everyone's holidays? I hope they were wonderful, that you were with the people you love, that you got everything you wished for, and that you stuffed your tummy with delicious food! I certainly did.

Well, I'm off to eat pie, watch a Christmas Story, and then play the Lost board game with my family. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


April said...

Those are lovely lovely place settings. And your outfit is adorable. :)

nicc said...

ooooh! I love your swan ornament! Do you get a new ornament each year? I have a family tradition where all 4 kids get a new ornament each Christmas.
Grey sweaters + purple party hats = Similar to my attire!
Merry Christmas!

polarnna said...

what a hat!

Reegen said...

Oh gosh, i LOVE your tree! It's wonderful!

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