Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New layout, New York

Tweaked the blog layout a little. What do you think? And here's a tiny treat. A taste of the first of my photos from my trip to NYC in October. I'm really pressed for time so I can only upload a few, but the link to the album is here and more will be added later. And of course I'll have stories to tell, including some from Teen Vogue's Fashion U. Thanks for looking. Check back soon!

Hello and welcome to NYC! First day and this greets me.

Is this not the greatest purse? It was in the MoMA design room. I think no one would really hassle you if you carried this around.

Part of a great exhibit at MoMA on punk/post-punk/new wave music+art in the late 70's/early 80's ... album art, music video, posters, photography ... basically in love with it all. More photos at the link.

I ended up buying a great vintage Betsey piece later on so this was a foreshadowing image, in retrospect!

[ Kimchi Blue dress, Minnetonka moccasins, London Fog purse. ]

More coming! Thanks for being so patient. I feel like I'm losing my mind. And Christmas is Friday, holy canoli! I, of course, will try and fit a holiday post in soon too. I work tomorrow though, how unbelievable is that? Such a bummer. I still have decorating left to do and it's not like I can finish it AFTER Christmas, that just lacks in spirit to the extreme. So I am the ultimate busy bee right now, S.O.S.!


Lauren said...

I love the new layout, and your outfit - you look great! I have always wanted to go to MoMA, but have yet to visit. Perhaps I will over my break. :)

April said...

Great new layout! That purse is ridiculously awesome. ;)

Teresa said...

Love the knife purse! Reminds me of Natalia Brilli's leather bags.

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