Sunday, January 3, 2010

NYE ... Bill NYE

So hey, it's 2010! How crazy. I had a fantastic New Year's Eve celebration with my friends Millie and Glen. We went to not one, but two, restaurants for dinner. First we went to Spring Rolls which is a great Thai restaurant in Toronto because I was STARVING and there was no wait to get in. Then we went to our one true love, the REAL destination for the night - Red Lobster. There was a 45 minute wait and the place was packed but it was so worth it. Crab cakes and berry sangria, so perfect. And the biscuits. I need not forget the biscuits. I actually went to the Lob last year on NYE too ... perhaps this is a new tradition.

Afterwards we went to a dance party done by one of my favourite DJ groups. They play only music from the 60's - Motown, rock, pop, everything. The best to dance to! It was packed and there was a line to get in but we managed to get inside before the countdown. I was so happy counting down to the New Year. Listening to good music and surrounded by good friends, it was wonderful. Afterwards we ended up chatting with some strangers, as I so often do, and went to a house party. Those are the best nights I think, when you can't say at the beginning where you'll end up, but you like where you end up anyway.

I ended up back at Millie's, terrified to be greeted by RPattz (see bottom ...), watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off and was snoozing by about 5 a.m. The next day, the FIRST FULL DAY OF THIS DECADE, Millie and I had an amazing brunch at Sunset Grill and then watched Austin Powers 2. Quite a successful afternoon, I'd say.

Hm, I never really go into detail about what I do and where I go ... this is a bit of a first! I hope I didn't bore you all.

I really loved my outfit. I was gold and glistening! Matte sequin dress - H&M, gold glitter cardigan - Suzy Shier, gold and sheer black zig-zag tights - Ellen Tracy, vintage coat and necklace.

Millie gave me the Lula as a gift. Copies of Lula really are so precious. To me they're practically coffee table books. The shoes are what I wore on NYE. I desperately need to take them to a cobbler. They have been ravaged from coming with me on too many wild excursions ...

Sequin detail. I like this dress because the sequins are matte. They add that bit of sparkle but they're also really subdued.

Well, I will close this post with this awkward and severely unflattering photo of me and a cardboard cut-out of Robert Pattinson. Happy New Year everyone! I hope your celebrations were exciting, adventurous (but also safe), and full of hints of what the year ahead holds.

xo Hannah

P.S. I've hopped on the bandwagon and joined Formspring. Feel free to ask me (anonymous, ah!) questions. When I answer them, they show up on my Tumblr.


M. said...

I love your dress, and so jealous you have a copy of Lula! I want one so badly.
Happy new year!


Natalie Faye said...

Hey Hannah. It's Natalie Faye from Livejournal eons ago. I wish Lula was easier to get here. Happy New Year! I'm adding you to my blog roll.

Pixie Dollhouse

Anonymous said...

you are so beautiful! i think you look like rachel weiss, who is absolutely stunning! i've never been to red lobster.... but i love thai food & 'spring rolls' sounds so good. happy new year!
love, dayna

Anonymous said...

That last picture? Holy bananas. Thanks for the giggles.

Anonymous said...

you're so beautiful! i love your blog! :)

Dylana said...

Lovely blog!
Lovely style!

Kallie said...

love your dress, and I'm very jealous of you meeting RPatz ;) happy new year

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I just adore that outfit.. your jacket is darling.. and those shoes.. I love! Love your blog!

kate maggie said...

i love everything about this outfit. you look lovely.

STEFANIE said...

Wow yes, great dress! I've never seen a dress with matte sequins, love it :)

love_again said...

sounds liked the perfect nye. i love your outfit too! i have been looking for a dress just like that.

Otis said...

I like your monochromatic color scheme for new years even matched the champagne. Perfect.

Abbey at MilkChildren said...


:) said...

Red Lobster best blog haha.

E.C.M said...

Hey, im from Canada too!
I have soo many copies of Lula, i love them.
I would really apreciate it if you could see my blog!

JT Paradox said...

That photo of you is awesomely hilarious! I have a photo of my girlfriend posing with a twilight cutout too. I adore your fashion and style. Thanks for sharing it. xoxo

- JT Paradox

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