Saturday, May 1, 2010

Home from NYC

So, I'm home from New York City. Hello. I'm still not unpacked, but other than that, I'm getting back into the swing of normalcy and banality that is part-time work. Oh well, hopefully I'll be back in NYC for a few months starting this September. Fingers crossed, please and thank you.

Here are some photos and brief summaries, so you can live vicariously through me, I guess. I'd suggest actually just going to New York though ...

Stuff I wore:
[ H&M shorts, necklace and top, vintage belt and fishnet tights, London Fog purse, vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers. ]

This was the first day of the trip. The weather was beautiful! Is it just me, or do knees never, ever look attractive?

[ American Eagle cardigan (I bought it in a bargain bin store for 10 dollars, yay), Joe Fresh dress ]
I have no idea what shoes I wore with this ... oh wait, a pair of wedges from Payless that ended up breaking that night. The day after I bought them. Cool!

[ H&M dress, hat, and tassel necklace, Forever 21 cardigan, London Fog purse, custom Brooklyn Charm charm necklaces, Costa Blanca bracelet, vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Lomographic Society Diana Mini camera ]

We went to Williamsburg on this day. First we went to this Thai restaurant, Sea. I've been there a few times before and it's been hit and miss. I was expecting a good meal. Our drinks came, appetizers came, everything was good.

Then our entrées came. They brought my friend Leah chicken, even though she ordered tofu. My pad Thai had way too much peanut sauce and .... THERE WAS A COCKROACH CRAWLING ON THE WALL. JUST HANGING OUT. Oh, ok. That's totally what I want to see when I'm eating. Yeah, I get it, we're in New York. There are cockroaches everywhere. But I don't want to see that when I'm trying to consume food. I started having a panic attack because bugs freak me out, we all started to feel nauseous, and we flagged down the waiter and voiced our various issues. The management's solution was to offer us free dessert, which is totally acceptable since we wanted to continue to sit there and watch Mr. Cockroach stare at us ... NOT. We continued to complain, saying we weren't going to pay full-price for such a horrible experience. I mean, when you go out to eat, it should be relaxing. Am I wrong in thinking that? I understand one mistake, maybe two, but there were so many factors that made it bad. And the waiter was so rude. He actually said, "well, the cockroach wasn't on the table." As if that made it any better.
Maybe I'm just being whiney, but I feel like that place gets worse every time I eat there and I am definitely not going back again.
We ended up only paying for the drinks and appetizers, which I think was too much. But oh well. What can you do? Leave and go to a flea market ... which we did!

Artists and Fleas on North 6th to be exact. Check this place out, I adore it. Vintage and independent booths set up full of amazing goods for everyone, open every weekend. I got a vegan peanut butter brownie and some jewelry and charms from Brooklyn Charm, who have a full-time store open 7 days a week at 145 Bedford Ave.
We headed to the flagship shop also, and I had the Libra necklace below custom made. The skull necklace I had made at the market, but they had the supplies for it at the store too. I love my Libra necklace. Maybe I'm dippy, but the more I read about the Libra sign, the more I realize it applies to me so exactly. I want to get my charts made, maybe.

[ H&M tunic, vintage boys' vest, Catherine Holstein skirt ]

Second-last day in NYC. I love this skirt! It's my favourite colour. I picked it up at Buffalo Exchange. That place is nuts. Second-hand designer stuff falling all over the place for cheapy cheap. There was a Marc Jacobs silk top I wanted so badly but it wouldn't fit over my ribcage ... and there isn't much I can do about that.

Stuff I ate and drank:
I love food. I love taking pictures of food. That's actually how this blog started. I love Boylan's soda. Yay.

We ate at the Park Slope restaurant 'Snice a few times. They have amazing options for vegans and vegetarians. I got the smoked tempeh wrap, or maybe it was seitan? I totally forget. But it was delicious.

I had a religious moment in Chipotle. Okay, not really. Well, sort of. First of all, burrito. Second of all, Jonathan Richman's name was next to Leonard Cohen's name on my burrito wrapper. Oh, and my sister saw Haley Joel Osment outside. I didn't though. I wasn't wearing my glasses.

This frozen yogurt place was next to or near Buffalo Exchange. I got coconut fro-yo with maple syrup. It was great. End of story.

More 'Snice. This panini was delicious, but the blue cheese was really overpowering so I ended up switching sandwiches with my sister. But I would still recommend 'Snice. You know why? Because the staff are friendly and there are no cockroaches on the walls!

No trip to Bleecker St. is complete without visiting the Marc Jacobs store and its delicious smelling neighbour, Magnolia Bakery. Some people seem to think Magnolia is for tourists, or it's too cliche. Well to those people I say, "SUCK IT." Who's going to turn down a delicious cupcake and a glass of milk? Not me. And the cupcakes turn into magic when you put them in the fridge for a few hours. Amazing. AMAZING.

Also, a girl in Magnolia asked me if I had a blog. She'd been reading it, as in this blog, the night before. So strange, so surreal. So lady from Magnolia, if you are reading this, hello! Thanks for saying hi.

A little further down Bleecker I visited Grom, a gelato shop, as I'd heard some good stuff about it. Yeah, it was good. It wasn't amazing though, compared to other gelato I've eaten. And it was priced outrageously. That cup was so, so tiny. And it was almost 6 dollars. C'moffit.

Other stuff:
Time Square. Whatevz.

Rambo. I stayed with this kitty and his fluffy brother, Pablo. Oh, and their owner, one of my best, oldest pals, Leah. Basically, all time spent at the apartment was an adorable fun-fest full of allergies!

This is the frozen yogurt shop from above. It looks neat. I imagine Jack White would look good standing inside.

Here I am not wanting to go home.

Well, that's about it. I had a good time and bought some great stuff. I'll make a post soon enough detailing the goods that I picked up, as they should be seen and glorified and ooh'd and ahh'd over. As for now, I'm working all weekend like a sucker to save money for my brilliant future.

'Til then,

To recap, here are some places you should go:


CM said...

Aw looks like you had fun. :) I can't wait to go to NYC someday.

Anonymous said...

haha I can imagine Jack White standing in there too. Looks like you had fun!

Helga! said...

Glad I'm not the only person who loves taking photos of food!

Zoë said...

awesome! i really enjoyed this, i've never been to new york but have heard so many stories about cockroaches that i'm scared! at least if i ever do get there i'll be avoiding that place!

love the shorts outfit, sooo sweet! and my knees suck, so i agree.

Anonymous said...

Cool...i would love to go to new york! It's a long way from australia though! Great outfits and love all the photos of the yummy food.

kathryn-louisa said...

Looks like you had lots of fun (cockroaches and grumpy waiters aside) I'm very jealous, I looove NYC, cannot wait to get back there! Wonderful outfits too, especially like the polka dot dress.


Michelle said...

i wish new york wasn't a 20-hour flight away! it looks amazing. and your outfits were great, as usual. thanks for sharing your experience!

Cristina Ortiz said...

I need to go to NY

April said...

You look super cute! And the food looks yummy!

▲my• said...

Mmm so many frozen treats :D
Looks like a good time was had!

mari said...

I went to the same froyo place last time i was in nyc, but it was only because my boyfriend needed to use the bathroom!

Thanks again for all your help with little fille, i've gotten loads of positive feedback about the model choices.

Good luck in Sept - we should totally start a "Canadian girls living in foreign countries" blog once you're in NY. Haha. x

Sabletooth Tiger said...

Oh man, SEA is totally a lame restaurant with the facade of a nightclub. I live just down the block from it and I don't think I've ever eaten there once.

Anonymous said...


rachel! said...

you are so cute and cool

A. said...

Hi! I was looking for pictures of Anna Karina for my blog when I stumbled on your Flickr. I put some of your pictures on my website (, I hope you don't mind, but if you do, please let me know!

I really love your Karina-inspired style. Deeply envious of your eye make-up, I'm still rotten at mine. :P

Kallie said...

It looks like you had an amazing time! Don't be sad to go home, NY isn't going anywhere :)

Anonymous said...

you are so cute !
lovely post

B r i said...

how lovely and wonderful!
you remind me of zoey deschanel sometimes! xo

mara said...

wow beautiful i love your style!

erin :) said...

Loveee this post and the outfits you wore! I had no idea you had a blogspot! I've been following you on tumblr and I love all the things you post. It's almost creepy. But anyway, I'm glad I found your blog! Maybe we can follow each other here too. This was really an amazing discovery for me. I didn't know you had a blog until you mentioned it somewhere in one of your tumblr posts! xD anyway, talk later!

lovely blog!
erin :)

Lars said...

your style is so cute!!

Raji said...

Aww this all looks like so much fun!
Great outfits

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