Thursday, May 6, 2010


So I was recently given the opportunity to try out all of the products from Maybelline's new EyeStudio line, and I've been having a ball. There are about 80 eyeshadows ... I'm not exaggerating, plus 4 gel eyeliners and 4 mascaras. So yeah, it's been a fun time. I also get a LOT of requests in my formspring inbox to make tutorials on how I do my make-up. I finally had some time today and thought, why not. I wanted to do something interesting though, so I did a bold, 1960s inspired eye. Modelled after the looks of Peggy Moffitt and Edie Sedgwick, it's not exactly day-appropriate but fun for a night out. The video is below, along with a cool photo-collage I found on Tumblr of Miss Moffitt getting her eyes done.


Zoë said...

ah i love your voice, like the clockwork orange comment, not at all! :P it looks fantastic and i am certainly going to try this out when i am free of exam stress!

Sewon said...

aw, you're adorable! :]

A. said...

Thank you thank you thank you! This is exactly what I needed. Now, I'm going to buy a pot of cheap liquid eyeliner and practise!

A from

Anonymous said...

thank you ! you are so cute !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love your videos! You are a doll! :)

caitlyn said...

ooh i love your blog. and thankyou for posting this, i've always wanted to learn how to do my makeup this way and now i can try!

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Anonymous said...

i love the video!
your tutorial is good =)
i like your blog, let's become a follower! =)