Monday, September 6, 2010

Another reminder ...

Remember I mentioned how there were people in the Mad Men contest who I thought were cheating? Well it seems they've been found out and kicked out.
It pays off to play fair!

Now that I have a fighting chance, I need your help more than ever. Please vote for me by following this link:

Thank you so much!


Dylana Suarez said...

WOW! You look so amazing!

Gela said...

thank goodness the cheaters have been weeded out! voted for you. i really hope you get it! not only do you look the part, but you have heart for the show, which i think should be a number factor.

boat ride through the sky

Anonymous said...

done !

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

your hat is stunning.

Sewon said...

I love your outfit for the contest. Good luck!

M. said...

This is SO smart... Really! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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