Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh boy ...

So, I don't know if any of you knew, but the reason for the lack of updates was because I couldn't access Blogger on this computer for who knows what reason.
Well, I've somehow found a way around it and now it works.

But here's the big question - do I want to stick with Blogger and do a little revamp, or do I want to start over elsewhere?
Pros of staying would be - it's convenient, I've been here forever, my archives are here.
Cons - I want to re-organize my tags and everything which would take a long time, I want a fresh start.

Gee, I don't know.
Anyway ... give me your input or if you can't be sussed to do that, go to the post below and vote for me in the Mad Men contest, pretty please?


Aimee said...

I've kinda been thinking of moving on from blogger as well, now im a little more 'blog savvy' I s'pose...

Inga said...

Fresh start with a new blog sounds nice. Whatever you do, surely it will turn out good. (:

Meredith said...

Refresh this blog! You are already pretty established on here, plus if we still want to follow you we wouldn't have to sign up for a brand new website.

Electra said...

Blogger offers new designs, I dropped my last blog for a new one - they keep the last one for a couple of months, so you can access your last posts. I got a whole new blog, new design, new tags. I had a wordpress blog before, where you have to pay and you had hundreds of stuff but in the end, if you want to post every day you need something easy, you're used to. Try the design.

Kailey said...

I would just keep the same blog, you've already put so much into it! Regardless of your choice, I look forward to the revamp! :D

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