Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Costume conundrum?

Halloween is quickly approaching and I know that sometimes, deciding what to be can be a challenge. Especially in a world where costumes are as trendy as the fashion world during the other 364 days of the year. You want to stand out but still look stylish, original, and be comfortable. So, being the fairy godmother that I am (you consider me a fairy godmother, right?!), I've compiled a list of fun, interesting, and most of all unique costumes to help you survive during these last-minute preparations. And not a Lady Gaga or Jersey Shore-ian in sight.

Remember, the product suggestions are just that - suggestions. Everything in here can be culled from your closet or a thrift store if you need to keep a budget in mind.

Ditch the tutu. This is less ballet, more birdlike. Especially fitting if you've been blessed with a long neck.

White feather headpieces - Etsy (1) (2) (3); Numerous results turn up, so it's all just a matter of your budget and style. It would also be quite easy to make one with a trip to the craft store and the use of a glue gun.
Dresses - (4) 'Kelly' dress by Adam, (5) Knotted strapless dress by Mini for Many.
Wings - (6) Can easily be found at any Halloween or costume shop as part of an angel costume.
Eyeliner - (7) Bobbi Brown, (8) Sephora brand. Exaggerated and drawn up from the outer corners, and down into the bridge of the nose to create large, angled eyes.
Lipstick - (9) MAC cosmetics lipstick in 'Morange'. A chic-er version of a beak - paint your lips orange.

Final steps - glitter, white tights, and killer heels.

2. Janet Leigh in Psycho
Funny, gory, and classic. Best if you'll be indoors for most of the night, as this could get chilly. Want to win a costume contest? If you're coupled up, have your partner don a housecoat, bad wig and carry a kitchen knife - you'll have your own Norman Bates!

Body suit and leggings - American Apparel (1) (2); for modesty, and to keep warm.
Clear plastic shower curtain - (3) these can be found at Dollarama in Canada for under $2, and should be available at any similar store worldwide in the home section. Wrap it around your body as you would a towel, then secure with safety pins at the side.
Blonde wig - (4) (5) any blonde wig will do, as it can be trimmed for the short style that Janet wore in the film. To get the "fresh-out-of-the-shower" look, comb hair gel thoroughly through the wig.
Fake blood - (6) Use vigorously.

Plus - apply mascara and eyeliner as usual, then using a cotton ball covered in a bit of make-up remover, streak down your cheeks for a smeared look.

3. Lady Godiva
Best for those with a bit of confidence, or at least someone who lives somewhere warm.

Same as the Janet Leigh costume: body suit and leggings - American Apparel (1) (2); for modesty, and to keep warm.
Long curly wig (3), or if you've already got long hair, curl it and add ...
Flower hair accessories (4)

Final steps - knee high suede boots, Godiva chocolates for trick-or-treaters (or yourself), and a horse pendant necklace (for those of us who don't have access to a steed for the night)

4. Vincent Van Gogh
For artsy or morose types. Bonus: you can wear layers and stay cozy.

What you'll need: A heavy wool coat, a corn-cob pipe, medical gauze from the drugstore or a first aid kit (to wrap around your ear, add fake blood), a men's hat, comfortable trousers, menswear style shoes, and a handful of paintbrushes and sunflowers tied in a bunch. The latter two items can be found at a craft store, like Michaels.

5. Sea Captain
Possibly the easiest costume. This is for those of us who are really lazy.

What you'll need: A peacoat, preferably in red or navy, a striped shirt or turtleneck, cropped trousers, boat shoes, and a net or bag (the striped tote is from Etsy) full o' fake fish and lobster. A corncob pipe or captain's hat are a nice touch, as well.

Hopefully these ideas tickle your fancy. If you've already chosen your costume, let me know: what are you being?!

I'd also like to take a moment to thank Stylecaster for featuring me in their blogger-inspired Halloween article. I was Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby last year, which was great fun and easy to boot.

Happy hauntings everyone, and let's see some creative costumes this year!


notesandpostcards said...

Oh my gosh, I love the vincent van gogh. I wasn't planning to dress up but I actually might try that!

April said...

All of these amazing.

bénédicte said...

i'm gonna be drunk.

Eliz said...

Great ones, I especially love Van Gogh! Never seen that done before, and would be so recognizable.

I might be Liz Lemon. Just trying to think what I could have that would make it obvious it's actually a costume... a copy of Dealbreakers?

Ms. Dee said...

Fab ideas! I wanted to be a swan last year ( ) but I couldn't find anything I liked in white so I ended up being Poe's Raven instead. I love your swan collection. And the sea captain! This year we'll be doing Halloween things for 3 different nights so I need 3 different costumes 'cause I'm weird like that... so far all I have for sure is a sea ghost, so I need 2 more. Can't wait to see your ensemble!

Girlglasses said...

Oh, man, are you brilliant. I was about to be Sarah Palin for the third year in a row. (:

Zoë said...

I'm boring and I'm being Peg Bundy this year.

I love the Van Gogh idea though, for 'morose' types, har har!

I also loved your costume last year, very cute, not typical and actually quite simple.

Zoë said...

oh and bénédicte that's my plan too! wahey!

kenseycrane said...

You'd make an awfully pretty Van Gogh! i did it for a photo and i enjoyed it way too much. i still wear the hat all the time.

erin :) said...

These are so creative and awesome! :) Thanks for sharing!!

arnique said...

This is a great Halloween (love!) costume selection that screams unique. No bumping in to three or four swans or murder victims on the 31st. :P I'm going as an aristo punk though.

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Sarah said...

these are really awesome ideas! i very much appreciate your originality.

Michal said...

This is such an awesome post!! I love the Van Gogh idea. :D

Raji said...

Seriously this is great
Vincent Van Gogh is my next years costume, that is absolute genius!