Monday, November 1, 2010

Hoot Hoot (That's a spooky owl's call)

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Happy first day of November, everyone!

Halloween was this weekend and I did it up in style, or at least that was what I tried for! My costume was a WWII nurse with a bit of pin-up thrown in. I wore a Joe Fresh white blouse with a vintage skirt, H&M seamed stockings, Killah shoes, a Kay's Caps authentic nurse's cap, and a cape sewed by my wonderful mother.
And I did my hair with a mix of wire rollers, sponge rollers, and pin curls. It was such a mess before I brushed it out, I looked like little orphan Annie.

My sister went as a Boardwalk Empire-esque 1920s "lady-of-the-night" (prostitute!) The fur coat is mine, vintage from the 1950s.

My good friend Anna, a fiercely Liberal lady, went as a young Republican circa the 80s. Fun fun.

We spent most of our night dining and dancing at Sneaky Dee's. My mouth is still pretty sore from wisdom teeth surgery so I had to be very patient with those nachos, which was a shame because I was so hungry.

I hope you all had a fun, safe, and well-costumed Halloween. Now it's time to think about the holidays!


AFitz said...
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Rachel said...

You all look so pretty! I really love your hair Hannah; the color is really wonderful on you.

Raji said...

These costumes are all so cool, I love how they're not the obvious choices and all have personality too.
Happy halloween!

Sewon said...

fabulous hair!

Gela said...

daaaamn, girl, you look so beautiful (as always)!! even my boyfriend agrees! haha. you're also totally working the red hair. :D

boat ride through the sky

Ms. Dee said...

Fab costumes! You look so pretty!

my, oh my! said...

You look like you just stepped out of the forties! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

you looked great!
we don't celebrate halloween much in France, nevertheless i had a good time!

persephone said...

you are seriously just TOO cute! And the costume is pretty impressive.. much more original than all the cowgirls and cats out there :)

Jenny Morris said...

these costumes turned out great! I'm still sad halloween is over...but its my 21st birthday next weekend (on the 21st) , so its something to look forward to. Your up on my blogroll!


asha said...

You're stunning! Absolutely love the costume :)