Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gift Guide - Holiday 2010: the Throwback

Hello everyone! It's time for the second instalment of my holiday gift guide, and this time I'll be covering gifts for ... the Throwback.

The Throwback is the kind of girl who can't get enough of old Hollywood glamour. She loves Turner Classic Movies, styling herself with class, and always makes an effort to look put together. If you know a girl who's more Audrey Hepburn than Lauren Conrad, read on ...

* * *

A step up from plastic-housed tubes of drugstore brand lip rouge, this lipstick is glamour. In a classic blood red with SPF15, having this on her lips and in her purse will make her feel like a true femme fatale in any weather.

A retro-styled landline phone with the convenience of touchtone numbers. Sitting at home talking to potential suiters never looked so stylish.

Though it comes with a hefty price tag, any Throwback will appreciate this vintage style silk gown and will wear it to lounge in style for many lazy days to come.

Every glamour girl knows that a key piece in any ensemble is the classic seamed stocking.
Agent Provocateur's version is as authentic as it gets, though many hosiery and lingerie brands offer similar styles for lower prices.

This two-disc set includes Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Rebel Without a Cause, a Streetcar Named Desire, and East of Eden. With leading men like Paul Newman, James Dean, and Marlon
Brando, the Throwback Girl will enjoy this gift over and over again. Other titles are available, including Comedies, Musicals, and Horror films.

* * *
In red, cream, or black, these gloves are perfect for the girl who doesn't feel like getting her hands dirty (or simply for keeping your paws warm in the icy winter).

Behind the scenes tips and tricks for achieving glamour from the gal who should know, Janie Bryant. As the costume designer for Mad Men, she's created some of the most beautiful and well-loved outfits on television in the past few years. Any fan of Mad Men or vintage fashion in general will love this book. It's on my Christmas list!

Vintage sewing patterns make fashionable gifts for any crafty friend with a love of vintage style. Your friend doesn't sew? Frame them or make a collage with the packaging for a retro-style art-piece.

This sleeveless dress, with its full skirt, has a 50s silhouette but the leopard print adds a bit of sass. Wrap it up with a tube of lipstick and the receiver of this gift will feel instantly chic.

This vintage-styled satchel bag will look good during the day or out on the town at night.

With a bottle styled like a jar of ink and pen, this liner will draw the perfect cat eye and look gorgeous on the bathroom counter.


AFitz said...

marlon brando is foxy and also has nice arms

AFitz said...

I want to call him on my retro phone

Kailey said...

Lovely post!

April said...

Fun post! Want it all... haha

Dylana Suarez said...

This is such a great guide!


persephone said...

I'm totally stealing this term. 'throwback' .. I wish someone would buy me everything on this list *sigh*

Lauren said...

your gift guides are so good! definitely making my life a little easier this season :)

Alexandra said...

I'd love to receive all of these awesome gifts,except the red lipstick because people keep telling me it doesn't look good on me . But I;m madly in love with the bag from number 10.


naomi said...

such a good gift guide!!! definitely going to use some of these suggestions.

Zoƫ said...

agreeing with a lot of the sentiments already voiced here. your gift guides are goooood. i saw the zara leopard print dress instore and i want it.

my life will not be complete until i have that red telephone.

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Michelle said...

Ugh, I want it all! Love that faux ostrich bag from asos!