Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gift Guide - Holiday 2010: the Artist

Yes, it's late, but the third instalment of my Holiday gift guide is here! I haven't had a free minute to myself due to work these last few weeks, and now I am deathly ill just in time for Christmas. Marvelous, isn't it? But the gift guide is here. And while it is late and you probably won't be able to order any of these things in time for the big day, I didn't want to waste a perfectly good post, and there are surely some belated gifters out there (or people who have friends with January birthdays ...)

This edition will feature gifts for ... the Artist.

Everyone knows an Artist, someone with an eye for good design and a mind that thinks outside the box. The Artist is a stylish, creative type who frequents museums and galleries and is always on the lookout for something clever and functional.

* * *

1. the Pantone Mug from the Soho Corner Store, $14.50 (shown, Royal Blue, Duck Egg Blue, and Mustard)
An ode to the Pantone graphic colour matching system, these mugs are available in a variety of colours and are perfect for the friend who loves combining good design and hot beverages.

Using 811 Lego bricks (and detailed instructions), anyone can rebuild Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic Fallingwater house in the comfort of their own living room. History of the house and photographs are included.

Handprinted triangles in cyan, magenta, and yellow will charm the pants off of any graphic geek.

Made with raw materials and various natural shaped stones, these sculptural rings mix earthy and modern and are just plain cool.

18 shades to choose from will certainly fulfill any painter's spectrum of nail-polishing desires.

* * *

A surprise miniature chair in the style of Corbusier, Eames, Mies Van Der Rohe and others at a fraction of the price (and size) will brighten up the desk or bookshelf of any Artist.

A replica of a brooch designed by Dali in 1949, made with Austrian crystal "rubies" and faux pearls.

These bright, geometric pendants are hand-embroidered little treasures that will perk up any graphic enthusiast.

Schiap, as in Elsa Schiaparelli, is a shade named after the queen of Surrealism in fashion. It's a shocking pink, Elsa's favourite colour, and much more affordable than one of her gowns (seeing as they fill museums these days).

Well, I really ought to get back into bed with my Kleenex and cough drops. Here's hoping I'll be well in time for Saturday! Happy holidays everyone!



Sewon said...

i looove the lips brooch!

April said...

I know a lot of artists and this is a fabulous gift guide for all of them!

Michal said...

Such awesome ideas. I want 'em all. :P

Wishing you a quick recovery!


Marguerite said...

great, now I can find myself a post-christmas present to heal from my pre-christmas stress!