Monday, April 18, 2011

A Bit O' New York

Ever since I got home from New York, which was on March 31st to be exact, I have been endlessly busy. With the play, with trying to write, with everything ... I haven't had any time for little personal projects and thus, the updates on this blog have suffered. My apol
ogies. You know I love you, faithful readers.

I just want to say, I get e-mails every once and awhile from those of you who read this blog, just random messages of kindness, and I truly appreciate it. I don't always get around to replying to each one, but I read every one and really am grateful for it. So thank you to everyone who reads
this blog and gets in contact with me. It means a lot, especially when I'm in such a harried state!

For the time being I have a few photos to share, just from the night my friends and I spent at the Chelsea. Those of you who have stayed there or visited can just scroll on by, since there's nothing TOO exciting here, but anyway ...

I love horses so I was particularly enamoured with this painting in the lobby. I want it on my wall!

My red-tights'ed feet and our fireplace that I almost climbed inside of but decided against for fear of spiders/cobwebs.

The hotel's own line of toiletries. Seeing as my sensitive skin was freaking out from pre-trip stress-hives, the body lotion was a total relief. The products were surprisingly nice for a hotel line. I'm so used to chalky soaps and non-lathering shampoos ... then again I don't really stay in the nicest hotels ...

Of course, I had to get a shot of El Cohen's placard.

Okay, so we were on the 9th floor. I have the worst vertigo. Taking this shot nearly made me throw up, my head was spinning. I get anxious just looking at it but I'm glad I overcame my fears for a few seconds to get it!

The view from the 9th floor windows. Really lovely windows too, nearly floor to ceiling. I'd love to stay again.

Okay, well. Hopefully I'll find time to make another post about the rest of the trip and the things that I bought. In the meantime, I should get some sleep. I have dress rehearsal tomorrow, whew.

xo Hannah


Our Youth said...

Oh New York <3

Electra said...

I love NY ! You left tumblr ? I followed you there and really liked it. The other one (from your blog) hasn't been updated in months. Sad !

Juliet said...

Lovely pictures of NY. Where I'd like to be right now...

Raji said...

These photos are beautiful, must have been even more incredible in real life
New York is my favourite place in the world