Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vintage's Night Out

Last night in Toronto was Vintage's Night Out, a vintage shop crawl throughout the city sponsored by Plaid magazine, where various vintage shops opened their doors 'til midnight and threw little parties with discounts and treats (free wine & sweets!) galore. My boyfriend and I headed out and checked out nearly all the shops, ending up at the 69 Vintage Collective just a few minutes before the clock struck 12.

As far as shopping finds, I picked up a super-soft 80's Mickey Mouse t-shirt and a prize-winner ribbon from a 1967 horse show, perfect for my pink shrine. I'll have photos of those later, but for now, some photos from the night & my outfit.

Odds 'n' ends at the Chief Salvage Co.

An assemblage that reminded me of the Virgin Suicides; carrot cake truffles and chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies - delicious!

An assortment of found natural (and some manmade) objects.

[H&M gold sweater, Suzy Shier jacket, Forever 21 trousers, Sperry shoes, vintage jewelry.]

Anyway, I oughtta get to sleep. I'm starting a juice cleanse tomorrow and I feel like I should be well-rested for that. Ho ho ho ... it should be interesting.



Unknown said...

Love those leopard flats.

Kirsten said...

Vintage's Night Out is such a perfect idea! Looks like you had a good time.

Unknown said...

Such a lovely idea. I love natural assortment and I hope you got to eat some of those carrot cake truffles! Yummy.

Unknown said...

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Hugs n Kisses, Theri from: said...

wow a vintage shop crawl...would love something like that happening in Vienna!

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Celia Bow said...

That sounded like so much fun. I love your blog I can't believe I only just discovered it now!