Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sorry for my absence! The past few weeks of my life have been absolute madness. The first semester of my life as a college student has come to an end and to relax and celebrate, I'll be heading to L.A. tomorrow morning! I'm so excited. It's my first time visiting the West Coast and I am really looking forward to experiencing the bizarre-o world that is Los Angeles, Hollywood, and all that jazz. I'm also really looking forward to all the Mexican food. Ay yi yi, I love Mexican food more than anything ... ANYWAY. The point is that I've been very busy finishing up with school and writing, as usual, for xoJane and RookieMag. So right now I'm sitting here, painting my nails and trying to catch my breath and have a bit of relaxation before I head off across North America.

So yeah, let's catch up. Here are some recent articles of note I've written that you may want to check out:

* Painted Flower (easy daisy manicure)
* How To Give Yourself a Manicure (creepy cool DIY nails)

I've also been recapping Mad Men for xoJane, you can read everything so far here.

A few weeks ago the weather picked up amazingly (as I've wrote about previously) and I got to break out some of my Summer clothes. The weather has since gone back to chilly, rainy, and boring but eh, here are the photos anyway!

One day after class I went home and changed into one of my favourite dresses (vintage, from Courage My Love in Kensington Market, here in Toronto) and met my boyfriend for some Strongbow on a patio. It was such a lovely day and I can't wait for the weather to pick up like that again. Plus, I know it's going to be gorgeous in L.A. so ... whatever!

Here's a favourite vintage bag of mine. It's so bright and poppy and very in line with the current Rookie theme, I'd say. Those Gap flats are a favourite too, super comfy.

I have a fairly hard time passing a used book store and not buying anything, and I bought these four books that night. I'm going to bring Dead Babies (what an awful name, haha) on the plane as I think it will be a breezy read.

One day I headed out to have some (more) cider in the park, it was so gorgeous outside. Spotted top and high-waisted jeans both from Sirens awhile back. Ray-Ban sunglasses.

I found this ring at Forever 21, and I love it. If you find any cheap-o rings you love at stores like Forever 21 and H&M, after you buy them apply a coat or two of clear nail polish and let dry before wearing. Then they won't change colour or turn your fingers green! It works amazingly.

A few weeks ago I found myself at Snack Bar with my boyfriend. I'd already been previously and fell in love with the restaurant's concept of small, snack-sized yet gourmet food, and an absolute "no cutlery" policy. The food is delicious, made with care, and it's easy to try a variety of things even with a small budget. I'm hooked.

First we ordered the Smorgasboard, which had prosciutto and sausage (for my meat-eating boyfriend), I ate the crostini, onion puree, cheese and pickled cauliflower. So good. I'm getting hungry looking over these photos!

Next, I ordered the wild mushroom toasts. I'm obsessed with mushrooms, I find them to be delicious, and these toasts were too. Mixed wild mushrooms picked by the chef, onions, herbs, all on crispy buttered bread. I want to recreate this at home because it seems so easy yet it's so delicious and comfort-food-y.

I followed that up with the mini lobster roll, which was warm with a creamy sauce and crisp veggies inside, with a side of deliciously rich lobster bisque in a cup. Argh, my mouth is watering. :(

Dessert was spicy-sweet Mexican hot chocolate and crispy-creamy mini cannolis (only $2 a pop!)

Basically, I need to get back to Snack Bar soon, and if you live in the city and haven't been yet - go! The menu does change frequently though, so don't expect everything above to be available, but expect deliciousness.

To conclude, enjoy this crappy camera-phone photo of some of the make-up I'm packing for L.A. As you can see, I'm thinking BRIGHT.

Now, tell me what's been going on with you! I'm eager to hear.



TA said...

I'd love to see a tutorial or just pictures of those bright lipsticks.

TA @

ALCOHOLS said...

oh the food! just finished my lunch but if someone put all those dishes in front of me i would totally eat them haha. i loved your article on Charlotte Gainsbourg. definitely an inspiration for my spring make-up routine. xx

MollyMWE said...

Is that Kate Moss for Rimmel in shade 12? I'm wearing that today. Enjoy your vacation.

Eva said...

Super great post, I love your orange dress! I hope L.A is fun, that sounds amazing! I went to L.A once with the fam, and it was so fun. We went to the car museum and it was pretty friggen cool. You should go! I bet you'd like it! There is a car for everyone!

Great blog, so glad I found it! I'll be following!

xx Eva

Anna Brain said...

Sooo beautiful!! :)

Michelle said...

Wonderful stuffs, I love it. I do enjoy your blog and the photos looks fabulous. She is pretty too.

wholesale clothing said...

I so love the mod inspired make up, will give it a shot the next time I'm going out!


I'm starring at your beauty stuffs, and I'm envy :P
Loving your cute polkadot top. SUper cute!!


Kate Strohm said...

Love the twiggy makeup! I love that vintage dress in your picture and the shoes that are on your bed.


Christina Noir said...

Ur blog is very nice and I LOVE that it's vintage inspired as well as mine. I just created mine and ur blog is def an inspiration :-). Love that orange dress on u btw :-), very pretty!
Please check mine out:

Vanessa said...

your blog is amazing!
I hope you'll visit me and follow each other if you like, i'd be so glad :)