Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Outfits From California ...

Hello all! I know I mentioned that I was going to California at the end of April, and I did, and then it took me forever to go through the hundreds of photos I took and edit them. All the while I was also in school 5 days a week, writing for xoJane.com, Rookie Mag, and working on other projects like an upcoming student film and growing a geranium. All those things are still happening, actually, but I'm home sick today and taking a little breather so I figured I'd update this here blog!

I won't post all the photos so as not to overwhelm you, but I will share the outfit photos I took while I was there, because everyone loves clothes. Unfortunately the weather forecast changed drastically from what I was expecting to how it was when I actually got there, but luckily I was prepared with a trenchcoat, cardigans, and an umbrella. Plus, the last few days of being there the weather had a glorious uptick in quality and it was sunny and HOT. I wish I could go back. I miss the palm trees and In-N-Out burger. Oh well, maybe next Spring as a bit of a graduation gift to myself?

Anyhow, here are the outfit photos I promised.

Here I am with, again, one of my favourite Summer-y vintage dresses, from Courage My Love in Toronto. That shade of coral just makes me so happy and I love the swingy pleats in the skirt. Gap shoes, DKNY bag, Alfred Sung PURE cardigan, A Beautiful Life Brands' nail polish in Go-Go. I wore this on the plane and my face is still a bit puffy and sleepy from the jet-lag, yikes.

Everything here is vintage, except the shoes which were a last minute, cheap-o mall purchase for the trip.

Worn to bike around Venice Beach. Joe Fresh tee, Old Navy necklaces (ages old), vintage shorts. Also a cold day.

 In Joshua Tree. Gap flats again, random skirt, vintage sleeveless Vera silk blouse with buttons on the back. Trenchcoat because, despite being the desert, it was actually very chilly.

Bracelets from that day. L-R: H&M, H&M, from a beauty shop in Silverlake, Laonato on Etsy, Banana Republic ages ago, vintage, vintage.

A less-than-great photo of the dress I wore to the Hollywood Farmer's Market. Pink and blue and green and yellow paisley, satin-y fabric, covered buttons all up the back and some on the front too. I am in love with it but it is by every definition a wiggle dress, and almost impossible to sit in.

I'd love to know how your Spring/unofficial Summer has been going. Toronto is hot and buzzing with lots of fun and ways for me to spend my hard-earned money. My vintage collection keeps growing and that means I'll need to make room soon. A sale of some of my great vintage pieces should be popping up on an Etsy soon, I hope you'll all check it out and hopefully purchase some things so I can clean out my closet!



Kristina Uriegas-Reyes said...

I love the second dress!! It's so perfectly darling. <3


reviews said...

love the bag in the second pic

Katie said...

These outfits are all adorable. You look great!

Claire said...

Your jewelry is goooorgeous! Man those bracelets just look awesome.

iamyoursforever said...

nice xx :))

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Anonymous said...

California is so hot now! Love your jewelry.

my summer:

Anonymous said...

lovely pics!!

Madeline said...

All so lovely, the dress in the first post is such a wonderful colour x

Flor Frutal said...

i am so in love with the last photo! ♥♥♥ u are wonderful!

anniina said...

Goodness gracious, I had completely forgotten about your blog! So glad I found it again! :D

Jane said...

Love every single outfits.. SO cool !!

Constance said...

You look so pretty!
I love the first picture!