Saturday, September 1, 2012

Building My Fall Wardrobe ...

So Summer has been lovely, and so was my trip to New York (I'll do a post on that later), but in the meantime I've got Fall on the brain.

I've been putting together my Fall wardrobe over the last few days and have a whole lot of different vibes on the brain ... 1960s mod silhouettes and fabulous Liz Taylor-esque jewels with shots of neon, plus moody 80s goth-esque/post-punk/-new-wave what not with a bit of 1940s femme fatale thrown in ... it's all quite a mish-mash, just like my brain, really. Anyway, here are some pieces I've purchased that I'm excited about.

H&M neon green, cobalt blue and grey tote, neon yellow-green and black jeweled chandelier earrings, yellow lacey dress, fun shimmery nail polishes, men's trouser socks in fun prints and some Emilio Cavallini seamed tights.

Love the neon collar on this Forever 21 shirt I bought.  I'm wearing it below with some blue lips from my slurpee.

A favourite album, in t-shirt form.

A super-glam yet understated 1940s crepe vintage dress from a favourite shop on Etsy.

I'm quite obsessed with these boots and they are surprisingly comfortable.

I also picked up a new pair of Minnetonka Kilties in black, the perfect everyday comfy shoe, along with loads of new beauty products for Fall because ... it's my job! There are a few other things thrown in there that I'll be sure to document ... still need to head to Joe Fresh to get some nice new Fall cardigans and tights. I'm thinking ahead but it'll sneak up so soon!

Have you guys been doing any Fall shopping? Show me what you've bought!



Aya said...

Diggin' the yellow lace dress! Only way I could dig it more is if I had a shovel (terrible joke)!

Nickolena Coop said...

i want that shirt

AVY said...

That vintage dress looks amazing.

/Avy said...

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Anonymous said...

Love the new order t-shirt n__n

hkperfumes72 said...

looking so preety so lovely blog .

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kirstyb said...

loving the shirt and boots xxx

Frenie Agbayani said...

That Modest dresses for women> is insane. I absolutely LOVE it!