Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Quick Catch-Up

Thought I'd take some time to post photos from the Rookie reading and party that happened on the Saturday before Halloween.
From the Drawn and Quarterly blog, the lovely Julia from D&Q asked us (Petra, Anna, myself, Tavi) questions and was super-wonderful. I'm wearing a self-made headpiece, RM by Roland Mouret dress, some tights from an Italian brand whose name I can't remember (oops), and Charles Albert shoes with H&M shoe clips.

From the Drawn and Quarterly blog, Petra, Anna, Tavi and myself posing with these awesome Rookies who were the first at the reading and the last to leave. That is dedication! And don't they look cool in their crowns that come included with Rookie: Yearbook One?

The reading was so amazing. I seriously felt such a high because of how happy and overwhelmed and proud I was at the amount of people who came out and were so excited about what everyone at Rookie is doing. I feel so grateful to be involved in a project that has a part in making the life of girls AWESOME, because I know when I was in high school things weren't easy, but Rookie is the cool, comforting voice that lets you know that who you are, just the way you are, is awesome. So yeah, I'm sure this sounds super saccharine and drippy and all but it's the truth! I had an amazing time, so thank you to everyone who managed to come out, and who supports Rookie by reading and getting involved in discussions and just generally being fantastic.

Afterwards we headed to Magic Pony for a pastel confectionary wonderful dream-world Halloween party. Everyone had such amazing costumes, many of which you can see here.
Me in my costume. I was a WWII nurse (again), but this time I had an authentic vintage nurse's cape from Toronto General Hospital, so it was ~fancier~, ha.
The incredible cake (and a sparkly rat).
Tavi and a blurry me.
Anyway I won't overwhelm you with photos but you get the picture. It was loads of fun. I ended up heading home before midnight like a total baby because I was reading to pass out from exhaustion. I put on my flannel pajamas and got caught up on American Horror Story. What a wild night, ha.

Also, I wanted to post a little reminder that the December issue of FLARE is out and you should all go buy it (those of you who are Canadian, that is), because once again I am in it, as I am every month ... so maybe just get a subscription? Haha, yeah, yeah.
A little preview. I was obsessed with that headpiece, I wanted to take it home. Alas ...

Well, that's all for my little update. If you want to stay further in the loop you can always read my Twitter, follow my Instagram, or check up on me over at xoJane.

Happy November, everyone!

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L29 said...

oh my gosh! Love the cape :D You bought it from Toronto General Hospital?