Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Turning Of The Leaves

My latest story for FLARE is all about the wet hair look. Check it out in the November issue and watch the how-to video online.

The weather here is crazily beautiful right now. Sunny, warm without being stifling, the perfect breeze all the time. I don't want to jinx myself out of fear that the skies will turn gray and rain down on me but truly, I am grateful for this gorgeous beginning to Autumn. The only way you can really tell it's the time of year that it is, is the changing colours of the leaves. Always so beautiful, particularly in the fields and forest behind my parents' home, where I am currently visiting for Thanksgiving weekend (here in Canada).

Obviously it's put me in the mood for swapping out my sundresses for heavier knits and darker shades and I've gone and dug my caramel 1950s fur jacket out of the closet (though it's still not cool enough to wear). I've been updating my accessories (shoe clips!) and am slowly building a new season's collection of black tights (a necessity, and since they always pill and snag no matter how careful you are).

I'm slowly piecing together a Fall wardrobe but still have a few things in mind I'd like to add. A black leather motorcycle vest, a sharply tailored tuxedo jacket, more silk blouses, tapestry- and paisley-print vintage dresses, more hats, anything that hints at a 1940s femme fatale vibe ... it's a bit all over the place, I guess, but makes sense in my head. Of course I'm very visual and always collecting images, so below are a few of the things inspiring me for the next few weeks (hoping it stays at this temperature). 

All images (and more) + captions can be found here.

What are you wanting to wear this Fall? Do you give a damn about pumpkin spice lattes? I'm kind of indifferent to them, really. I don't think I've had one yet. Pumpkin pie though, I'm all about that. And mashed potatoes and stuffing? Yes, absolutely, give me a wheelbarrow full of that, please.

Anywho, you've seen my fashion inspiration. Keep an eye on xoVain in the very near future for info about my Fall beauty looks and ideas. 

Oh, and pick up ROOKIE Yearbook Two if you haven't yet! It's absolutely gorgeous and amazing. We had the launch events in New York last weekend and it was such a blast. I ate my weight in pizza (many photos on my instagram of said slices) and was surrounded by copious amounts of love from my co-contributors and all of the wonderful readers. If you made it out to our fun party, I hope you had a good time and thanks for supporting the magical coven that is ROOKIE.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians, and to everyone else, have a sunny/spooky weekend.



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