Friday, November 8, 2013

All About Sara Lynn Paige

As you may or may not know, this Summer I graduated from college with a degree in acting. Afterwards I was in need of some headshots and shopped around for a photographer whose work I admired. Trust me, there are some really bad headshot photographers out there -- yikes! Thankfully, I found local (to the GTA) photographer Sara Lynn Paige.

Sara and I have actually been online friends through the blogosphere for a few years now, but our photoshoot was our first time meeting. Off the bat, Sara was friendly and professional, and I couldn't have found someone more easygoing to work with. We joked around a lot but she was also able to capture my "serious" side (I assure you, it exists!) in a really natural way.

See, I can be serious! Photo credits to Sara Lynn Paige.

The resulting photos turned out wonderful and I definitely hope to work with Sara again. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, and are looking for someone to shoot headshots, portraits, wedding photos -- Sara is your girl. She will make you feel comfortable and at ease and photograph you in your best light. Check out her blog here and see for yourself.


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