Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Tutorials Are Starting To Pour In ...

The most recent being my Marie Antoinette look up on xoJane.com. With plenty more to come! In the meantime, here are a few tutorials I've done that might help you out with your Halloween costumes. Click through for easy how-tos!

That 60's Look: A Super Easy Guide To Polished, Mod Make-Up - Great for a Mad Men or Pan-Am themed look.

Pretty From the Past: Penelope Tree - Great for any mod costumes like Edie Sedgwick or Twiggy.

And: Pretty From The Past: Clara Bow - Both of these are great for any flapper costumes you might be doing.

Halloween Beauty Round-Up: The Mermaid - This could work not only for a mermaid but with some tweaking, a fairy or any sort of ethereal, fantasy costume.

So, what are you being? What kind of tutorials would you want to see?


Katrina said...

oh gosh I've been looking for a good marie antoinetter tutorial! you're awesome :)

Ms. Dee said...

I remember your Marie Antoinette look from livejournal! Love it. Also love the Boardwalk Empire look as well. You look fab in all of these! Not sure what I'm dressing up as for Halloween yet, but this weekend I'm attending the Spike Scream Awards as The Black Swan ... I practiced the makeup the other day and it is really fun to do!

Kailey said...

Hearts in my eyes! Your make-up tutorials are always incredible and super professional :3

Erica said...

Its so hard deciding what to be for halloween. I'm seriously getting anxiety over it. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Anonymous said...

These are so gorgeous. Love the Mod one on you.

Aliquot and Amble said...

Loooving all these tutorials. I'll probably modify the mermaid one for my fairy costume - not too original but I'm feeling quite lazy about Halloween this year.

Jessica said...

This is so great, and it's so effective. And oh my gosh you look like Carey Mulligan from An Education.

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MmeVal said...

very pretty! i love the '60's look :-)

Michelle said...

Very gorgeous and fantastic post. The photos are great and amazing. I love it. Big thanks for sharing.

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Anonymous said...

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