Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween and what not ...

Yes, finally doing a little update about my Halloween costume. I struggled quite a bit trying to decide what to dress up as, but ended up going with a swan which was actually a part of my Halloween costume guide from last year.

The wings were store bought, the headband was from the dollar store and then I glued feathers to it myself, my dress was BCBG and my necklace was vintage given to me by my grandmother. If you are interested in knowing a little bit about the products I used for my make-up, you can read about it here.

That was Saturday. When it came around to actual Halloween and handing out candy to the kiddies, I didn't feel like doing the make-up again so I just re-purposed the wings and gave myself a braided "halo" and went as an angel. It was fun, I just played spooky music out of a boombox and got to see tons of cute little babies saying "twick o' tweet!" So cute. We had so much candy, and I made sure to put aside some for myself, but it's all gone now. BUMMER!

Also, this weekend on the Friday I went to a 1920's Murder Mystery Masquerade. It was pretty fun, mostly to see so many people decked out in their Prohibition-era finest, and they had a 3-piece jazz band and professional Charleston dancers to show everyone how it's done. Originally I was going to wear a black fringed dress (so cliché, right?) but it ended up not fitting so I went with the BCBG dress from Halloween, underneath a turquoise floral chiffon dress worn as a sort of robe. I guess my outfit theme was "20's-era hooker, the morning after", ha. I was running on little time getting ready so my hair and make-up were a damn mess, but whatever, I had FUN!

See what I mean about my hair being whacked out? What is going ON with that?

Oh, by the way, I met Jeffrey Eugenides last week. (!!!)

So basically, life is good. And now I'm just getting very excited for the holidays ... what about you?



Kailey said...

Your make-up looks absolutely flawless here Hannah! Meanwhile, I think your 20s themed look is wonderful - I can't imagine how much fun that party must have been ^^

Karen said...

Love the makeup!
Also: lucky you for meeting Jeffrey Eugenides!! That's awesome!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

That costume is so pretty! Love the headband!

Victoria said...

You look amazing! xx

Charlotte Drene said...

Super fly costumes :-D

Helena_Autumn said...

mmmm... I like The Virgin Suicides