Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs.

As someone who has been using Mac computers since I was 5 years old, someone who saved up money from my first real job to buy an iPod (a big honker of a Nano with a black and white screen, one that lasted 5 years and was still running when I replaced it with another iPod in 2010), someone who makes a living working from an iMac -- I am so deeply saddened by this world's loss today of Steve Jobs.

Growing up, my dad revered Steve, talked about Steve like he was my distant, genius uncle. I grew up admiring him and his creations, things that have made my life simpler, happier, more connected. He is an icon to this generation, and will be to the generations to come.

I hope you're at peace now Steve, and free of the pain that cancer causes. Let's remember him for the good and try our best to keep up the fight against this awful disease. I've lost too many good people in recent times to it, and everyone in this world is affected by cancer in some way.

So let's be grateful to have shared a world with someone so incredible, be grateful for our health, our happiness, and our loved ones.
- Hannah


Kailey said...

Lovely tribute to an incredible man.

Missy said...

Very sweet.

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Such a wonderful, heartfelt post.

MmeVal said...